Game Cancellation

For the fixtures taking place at St Lawrence Academy:

We will take note throughout the week of the weather forecast on the Met Office website for St Lawrence Academy, DN15 7DF.

On Saturday evenings and by 6pm, the information on the Met Office website will be evaluated by the Phase Lead Coach who will speak with Academy Referees Co-ordinator Rob Atkin (Football League Referee) and between them they will make a decision as to whether the home games scheduled to take place on the Sunday morning will have to be cancelled due to severe weather ( i.e. snow, ice, fog, waterlogged pitch)

We will make a decision (Games on/ off) and our Lead Phase Coaches will communicate the information to the visiting Academy and to SUFC Academy parents.
The decision will be made in the best interests of the player’s health & safety and by also taking player safeguarding and welfare in to account.

This procedure should benefit both Academies and prevent Players / Parents and Staff from having to make an unnecessary journey on Sunday mornings.

Away Venues:

[Note To Away Academies - This Goes Out With Our Match Day Information]

We would like to request that you would in turn assist us by reciprocating this procedure – so as to prevent our Parents and Staff from travelling to an away facility only to find upon arrival, that the away games have been cancelled.

We believe that it is not best practice to call the games off on Sunday mornings.

As we are all aware, we all have registered players and trialists who may travel a considerable distance on a Sunday morning and in order to be fair to these Players / Parents and Staff, they have a right to be informed as early as possible of whether the games will be going ahead or not - in order to not waste their time and cause them an unnecessary journey and expense.