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Code of Conduct


Towards other players
1. Always play fairly and in accordance with the Laws of Rugby Union. Encourage in your team to play by these same standards.
2 Your primary objective is to help your team to win. Your own personal performance is obviously your main concern, but never allow it to become more important than that of your team.
3 Always give of your best, play hard and play to win. But never lose your temper or allow your aggression to become uncontrolled.
4 Treat all your opponents with respect and never descend to verbal abuse.
5 Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every player and treat equally within the context of the game.

Towards the Referees and Touch Judges
6 Show respect to the Officials at all times and respect all decisions made by them.
7 Never argue or complain about decisions, either on the field or off.
8 Read and learn the Laws of Rugby Union, so that you can understand the Referees’ decisions.

To your Coach
9 Always listen to the advice from your Coach and strive to improve your performances according to this advice.
10 Appreciate what your Coach is trying to achieve, both in a specific match and throughout the season. Your Coach will have many other players to consider in addition to yourself. He will have wider objectives of developing specific skills and ensuring that all players get a fair chance
11 Participate fully in all aspects of the game, including rucking, mauling, tackling and scoring and whatever your Coach (or Captain) asks you to do.

To other Club Members
12 Observe the Club Rules and all guidelines laid down by the Coaches and Managers.
13 Support the Club by using its’ facilities as often as possible
14 Respect the Club’s ground and the pavilion and understand that these facilities only exist because of the sustained hard work of current and previous generations of Club members.
15 Play an active role within the Club; contribute and help out wherever you can.

To the Game
16 When you win, be proud, but also be modest and generous to your opponents.
17 When you lose, congratulate your opponents and do not show bad feeling.
18 Never condone violations of the Laws of the game, or behaviour contrary to the spirit of the Laws.
19 Understand the great traditions and spirit of the game of Rugby. These traditions have been passed down from previous generations and you too will have the responsibility to pass on these traditions to those who come after you.

To Yourself
20 Play Rugby because you enjoy it, not just to please your parents or coach, and to give yourself the best opportunity, take advantage of the coaching sessions and try to keep yourself as fit as possible.

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Code of Conduct 2 THE RESPONSIBLE RUGBY COACH or MANAGERS CODE OF CONDUCT 1.Coaches/Managers must respect the right


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