Sat 21
York 2nd XV
2nd XV
York 2nd XV vs Sheffield 2nd XV

York 2nd XV vs Sheffield 2nd XV

By Tom King
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2's never lose

Rugby report
On 21st of October 2017, we embarked on our quest for victory away at York. The day started off dull and grey and we started the game off with a scrum after a failed kick off start by York, from the get go York set the pace by pushing us back in the scrum but we managed to the retain the ball and played it wide and managed get a chance for 3 points which was missed by Josh. After a poor start around the 20-minute mark, we then turned the tables with a few powerful runs from the likes of Ben Whitney, Joe C and Adders. Then a strike of luck by TK after making 50(?) meters up the park into York territory, the backs then managed to play it wide which ended with Tom King diving over the white wash and pushing Sheffield into the driving seat at 7 – 0. We then entered into a rough patch of bad decision making, which ended up with York spending a great deal of time in our half. With all the pressure we managed to slow them down with some devastating tackles from the likes of Ed Anglin, Joe C, Rob Holland and Tom King. After several warnings from the referee we got the first questionable yellow card issued to Ed Anglin. On the back-foot York then applied pressure and close to the end of the first half the second yellow card was issued to Ben Whitney, which really put us on the back foot with a scrum on our own 5-meter line York the managed to score, which made the score 7 -7.

After yet another of Al cottons infamous motivational speeches, we were fired up for the second half. We started well making yards up the park. Around the 50th minute mark a combination of forwards and backs moves help put Ali Womack over the line to make it 14 -7. Now restarting the ball was knocked on close to our 22 which gave York much needed ground. They drove us back and played the ball wide, which gave them much needed confidence but still Sheffield managed to keep the defence very tight. York still pushed hard and found themselves picking and going from the ruck and when they found no entry point they switched and played it wide which ended with York scoring making it 14 – 14. Now around the 60th minute was the turning point in the game, Sheffield pushed into gear 5 and start with some strong carries by Joe C, Adders, TK and Cam B. This pushed Sheffield deep into York territory and ended with Joe summers driving over the white wash making It 21 -14. Feeling pumped and ready to go we made are way back into York’s half by some spectacular rugby from the likes of Ben S, Matt L and Will F, a combination of strength and pace saw Adders drive under the post to making it 28 – 14. Again, from restart we push forward again deep into the York half and after a few phases both Cam B and Brad C link together which ended with brad C scoring making it 35 – 15. At this point the game was over for York they could not cope with the pressure and Sheffield kept on fighting to the end, deep in their half TK managed to break through and got stopped just before the line and Joe C finished it off by using his head to crash through which made the score 42 – 15.

Report by TK

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