Sat 21
City Central
Bankers Pavilion
Return to Bawtry an unhappy one for Bankers

Return to Bawtry an unhappy one for Bankers

By Kev "Wolves" Mason
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6ft tall player manger wins header.

Manager Mason said that despite feeling City Central were lucky to finish the contest with 11 men, that his side were outclassed by a strong, physical and experienced opposition that too often negated any Bankers possession.

Bankers were forced to kick up the very slight slope but into a strong wind first half, and only a fine performance from Ashmore in goal kept the score competitive when half time rolled around. Ably assisted by the wind, Central bombarded the Bankers with quality deliveries, hitting the cross bar 3 times in the first half as a swirling wind and physical presence saw the Bankers pinned back early.

Bankers were let off twice, thanks to the inability of Central’s number 10 to punish being gifted clean through on goal, as twice in the opening 30 mins he failed to meaningfully work the keeper, as he did his best Jason Lee impression.

His misses however may have been a Keyser Soze level ruse, having convincingly pretended to be the worst player on the pitch, he was allowed free roam to head home one of Central’s 457 corners they have had against the Bankers this season. Raising like a blind Salmon out of an frozen lake, he had seemingly miss timed his header whilst being unmarked, but made enough contact to squeeze it home between what appeared to be every Bankers player in the box, over on the sideline Mason dropped a coffee mug that fell in slow motion before smashing into pieces in an overly artistic way…

Having been woken from the slumber of being starved any sort of meaningful service, Bulloss and VDS then produced two quick chances, beating Central’s defenders with quick feet he fired off a shot at the back post that was saved well by the Central keeper, before moments later working another angle for himself but flashing his shot wide.

The incident that changed the half time approach came however when Davies had to be forcibly removed from the pitch due to a disgusting looking hole in his leg! Charging a shot down on the edge of the area an extremely high, and potentially straight red level of challenge felled Davies, and led to the unseeable incidents of watching Steve Hallett smear Vaseline into Davies leg in an attempt to cover the wound and help stop the bleeding. As equally disgusting as it was erotic…

The run up to half time saw Butler replacing Davies, and HT saw Searle join VDS up top with Bulloss pushed wide. Bankers had much more of a say in proceedings 2nd half than they did 1st, however produced too few chances, Malpass wasting the most clear cut when a ricochet and lay off resulted in him receiving the ball and firing handsomely over the bar from 9 yards. Central again survived another potential dismissal, when their glove loving number 14, beaten easily by the jinking feet of VDS, deliberately handled on the edge of his box to prevent being beaten. The freekick was well struck but saved down low to the right of the goal and the follow up cleared for a corner.

With Bankers trying to force the issue, failed clearances resulted in Central’s
winger scoring from close range, brought about by his tenacity to chase down and harry the Bankers tiring defenders.

With time expiring Central scored a well taken 3rd as the Bankers appealed for what looked offside, however grievances aside the goal was brought about by the Bankers own errors rather than a contentious decision.

With the defeat the Bankers slumped to 4th in the table on goal difference. A valiant and physical encounter with the future champions seeing the side come up short and pointless. Man of the Match – Dom Ashmore – a fine performance from Dom, who produced a number of excellent saves throughout.

Managers notes – Once again it felt like mistakes, indecision from us and work rate has lead to us not being able to rise to the level needed to pull clear of the chasers.

For the benefit of Steve Hallett however, I am 6 feet tall, despite this 5ft10” smear campaign he seems intent of waging on me!

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Sat 21, Mar 2015




Division 3B
Dom Ashmore

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Dom Ashmore