Sat 17
First XV
Halifax Vandals
Sheffield Medics 15 - 7 Halifax Vandals

Sheffield Medics 15 - 7 Halifax Vandals

By Matthew Clark
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A tale of two halves

Match day 1.15pm

A beautiful, calm and tranquil day awaited sheffield as the players arose on the morning of saturday 17th August. Players converged outside the medschool to meet early and defend the year plus unbeaten record at fortress norton. Excitement and tension filled the air after last weeks disappointing end to the game.

Match day 1.45pm

The rumours were true. Whilst sheffield was a heaven to be enjoyed, Norton as per usual was howling a blistering gale that was bound to cock up even the best laid plans. Coach Clark began to scratch his head. Fawdry and eddie began to contemplate and discuss new team tactics.

Match day 3pm

Kick off. Medics were playing left to right first half and into the hurricane that had engulfed sheffield. Medics held off a siege of attacks from the vandals team, being camped on their own try line for much of the first half. Medics would have conceded numerous points if it was not for some heroic tackling. Special mention to David Ellis (ex welsh international) for what some have called the tackle of the century, somehow managing to save certain try. His mum on the sideline was in hysterics. This first half may have been a tad more bearable if medics could actuallys clear their own line. Numerous times penalties were awarded to the home side only to be kicked out sideways or hand Vandals the yards. Vandals were dominating, strong counter rucking followed by some intricite backs play. Then, suddenly, from nowhere a coumter attack was sprung resulting in Alex Fawdry scoring under the posts after play spread from our own 5 to their try line. The conversion was of course missed. Vandals sprung back with minutes to go before half time with their fulback kicking though and scoring under the posts. Their kicked managed to make it.

Match day 3.50 Half 2

How the tides turned. With the wind now with Medics the roles were reversed. Camped on the visitors try line it was only a matter of time before points came. Medics had to wait untill the 54th minute when medics third kicker of the day, winters, slotted a good penalty from the 22. 8-7. Shortly after Michael Watters scored under the posts after some orgasmic backs play and it was converted.

Match day 4.40

Game over. Medics 15 - 7 Vandals. Great result. well played to all.

Man - Winters
S + T - Twatface
Extra sack - Eliis

Rumour has it Fawdry wants to stake his claim in the 8 shirt. As Youseff said " when he starts going to the gym and is as big as Matty he may be able to play". Chin up mate, you'll be their soon. Also get well soon to the Eyes who is sporting a nice broken nose in hospital.

"Either you run the day or the day runs you." Jim Rohn

Peace XXX

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Yorkshire Division Three
Benjamin Winter

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Benjamin Winter