Sat 22
First XV
Burley 7 - 13 Sheffield Medicals

Burley 7 - 13 Sheffield Medicals

By Matthew Clark
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Causer sums up a classic!

Match report this week by Causer. Enjoy people.

With the wounds still sore from the previous week’s defeat, the Medics were eager to get back to winning ways and put down a marker to prove themselves once again as contenders for promotion. Tensions were raised when pre-match espionage revealed that the Burley back line planned to move the ball past 12, a sight rarely seen in Yorkshire rugby. Would the medics defence be able to cope with such flamboyance in attack?
Kick off. Burley started strong and really took the game to the Medics, who struggled to make tackles and deal with the Burley forwards. Eventually the turnover came and Medics looked to spread it wide and stretch the Burley defence. However, a momentary lapse in concentration from Blackwell led to an interception try under the posts and Burley were suddenly 7 – 0 up.

Talismanic words followed from Matty Clark and Medics responded well with a solid passage of play which saw the side pushing on deep into the opposition half and culminated in a try from FTR near the posts begging for Eddie to convert it and level the score. He missed.
The remainder of the first half became very disjointed and numerous penalties were conceded by both teams. Burley failed to convert a penalty and stretch their lead, and a chance also came for Eddie Farmer to put Medics ahead with a kick at goal. It’s uncertain as to whether he was more disappointed that he couldn’t find his kicking form, or that Gabbott’s girlfriend was looking decidedly unimpressed.
End of first half.

Having played up hill in the first half, Medics were now playing up hill. Burley’s Fly Half used his boot to good effect and applied pressure on the Robs but they remained unstirred and FTR continued to jink through defences in a truly nonchalant manner. The first 10 minutes of the second half were said by Ellis to be the best 10 minutes after half time that he’s seen Medics play, and while this was perhaps a ridiculous, heat of the moment exaggeration, the point was valid that Sheffield looked good going forward and also in defence.
Eddie finally found form (and a post to help him) and put Medics ahead with a well taken penalty. But Burley, clearly riled, came back with vigour and during a strong spell of possession came close to scoring when the ball was held up over the line. The Burley pack rallied again, but heroics in defence kept them out as bodies were put on the line and Edgar left half his ear on the pitch.

Medics got the turnover and were back in the opposition half, asserting their authority and proving their worth. The Burley defence were sharp and proved difficult to break down, but sustained pressure resulted in Tris Crawshaw scoring in the corner to increase Medics’ lead. Try not converted.

From there the game once again became very scrappy and countless penalties ensued. It was a bad day for line outs.
Burley remained determined and fought to the end like warriors, but the final whistle came (2nd time lucky) and Sheffield Medicals were deserved victors.

Congratulations go to all freshers marking their debuts for the 1st XV.
Sack: Not officially declared but I’ll have to give it to Steve Edgar for giving his ear for our tomorrow T**t: Chris Blackwell (Ali shaw managed to break down on the way home racing and thus has replaced Chris as Twat!)

"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever."

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