Sat 13
First XV
Moortown 20 - 16 Sheffield Medicals

Moortown 20 - 16 Sheffield Medicals

By Alex Fawdry
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By Mchale (written at social)

Let me first apologise in advance for any variations on what actually happened during the game, this is my best interpretation)
Safe. Sooo... Saturdays game.. 20-16..
Warm up was good, medics were switched on and everyone looked hyped for the game. (Little bit of rain but overcast for the game)
Onto the game: kick off. Early pressure from medics, with Chris Blackwell and Joe McHale running filthy lines and punching holes in the defence with ease resulted in medics scoring from a rolling maul (following a line-out) in the opening minutes. Seemed easy enough.
After this, however, things went downhill. Individual errors stopped any momentum from the medics and a decent boot from Mooretowns flyhalf kept medics deep in their own territory. Medics back 3 did well to return kicks (especially Watters and Causer who recieved 95% of them... who is high-tops anyway?) but Mooretown struck back after 10 mins with a well worked move out wide, with the full back supporting the winger on the inside to leave an uncontested 20m run in. To which the try-scorer went ''blap-blap-blap'' pretending to shoot the air. Sick.
The first half was pretty much a stop start affair, with error after error halting the medics advance.. and Mooretown playing 10 man rugby then kicking it deep.
Another few kicks were added by both teams kickers to give a score at half time with medics ahead. Not exactly sure what it was.
Stern half time talk revealed 'shockingly' that medics were underperforming massively and letting Mooretown into the game. Everyone was looking flat. But encouragement from Eddy Farmer got everyone fired up and the second half began.
Kick off was a big one, with medics reclaiming possession through man of the match Ramsey leaping high (even higher than the tallest man in sheffield) and spurring the medics on. Big hits from the forwards kept Mooretown at bay and forced them to kick long. The medic back 3 showed their gangnam-style flair - making massive ground and even setting up a perfect try scoring opportunity on the opponents 5 metre line - only for simple handling errors to once again ruin an opportunity.
The medics backs were tearing it up all game - however Mooretown did well to starve them of possession by keeping it close before putting ball to boot again.
Oh yeah. There was a yellow card at some point. Following on from some outrageous high tackles from the Mooretown winger, the 13 then became unnecessarily larey (like Chris Jones when he goes near alcohol and ends up just tries to fight people). After scuffles, the game continued at a slow pace.. With medics being punished for basic handling errors (mainly knock ons)
Towards the end of the game there were only a few points in it with the score at 11-16 but two big kicks from Mooretown 10 clinched them the victory. With a debatable penalty near the end being slotted for a final score of 20-16. Massive disappointment from medics and looking to bounce back next week.
M- Ramsey
S- Ermm.. Awkward I can't remember.
T- Geordie Fawdy ©
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