Sat 27
First XV
West Leeds
Sheffield Medicals 22 - 6 West Leeds

Sheffield Medicals 22 - 6 West Leeds

By Alex Fawdry
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On a Nippy Saturday morning with blue skies overhead the Medics met promptly in preparation to meet West Leeds at Sheffield Tigers, a place where many members of the SMRUFC don’t actually know the way to get there, Quote Rambo in the car, ‘ One does not know the way to Tigers as the only times one has visited the fine establishment is Old boys, Hazy days for me personally’. Niceee.
After last weeks performance away at Skipton, the Medics wanted to continue their winning ways and expected the West Leeds outfit who lay in 2nd in the league to offer a lot more than previous opponents. Or so we thought.
An outrageous, heinous injustice was to face the medics at tigers where we were placed on the 3rd XV pitch for the game. Not only did the grass need a good trim like Gabbott’s curly lid but it wasn’t as wide as the medic’s would have preferred. Anyhow Coach Green told us to man up and the warm up was completed with a good intensity. After a quick change and inspiring team talk from the Geordie, the medics took to the pitch.
A good take from the kick off, the medics secured the ball well and Ted placed nice kicks in the West Leeds corners to pin them back nicely. After great defence by t***face and Blackwell, FTR decides to man-up and put a big hit in, putting his body on the line and tearing his ear in the process. True Dedication. Further breaks by the medics were made and High Tops who did have a great game failed to capitalize a tricky pass or two from the deafened FTR, not so smooth, unlike Jimmy Saville at a children’s party.
West Leeds after being given numerous penalties due to medics killing the ball and hands on, their 10 slotted two penalties with the wind at his back. The penalties were due to Dazza being overly keen and supposedly by the ref he was too mouthy?? Really?? I don’t think Dazza and Ali look that alike.
Anyway the first half wasn’t that great for the Medics and we went into half time 3-0 down. But we knew we had the wind and slope and points were going to come, not as easy as Amer in a strip joint, but close enough. After nice patterns and a lovely move involving FTR and T***face , High tops hit a great line to score under the posts. Coach green smiled but that was all so far, it takes more than just one sexy backs moves to impress him.
Greeny was a lot more chuffed when the next pattern worked out deliciously and allowed FTR to feed a storming Geordie Fawdry to make a lovely break, threw his trademark dummy and score a great try.
West Leeds did try to come back at the medics but debutant Tom Dobree and the mean machine Eyes and big Ste Edgar put in great hits to keep them at bay. There were some great shots on show. Clearing kicks were gracefully received by Tristan Jones, S***Chat and The comeback Kid who combined to allow Watters to score a great individual try.
The medics were now playing ruthlessly and wanted the bonus point. Another great lineout credit to the forwards who secured practically all of their set piece in difficult conditions allowed FTR move to be called. It wasn’t your conventional move with the ball being thrown onto the floor, taking out the opposition players and everyone not having a clue. But the calm figure that is Chris Blackwell was on hand to pick up the ball and canter to the try line to secure the Bonus point win.
On to West Park Leeds Next week.

MOTM- Tom Dobree
SOTM- Rambo
TOTM- High Tops

Green Bean then proceeded to let everyone down and not attend social. Better effort next time please.

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