Membership, Pricing and Rules

Membership Fees, Match Fees & Rules 2017-2018 Season

Membership Rules
1.Full Membership: if 10 or more games played in a season the player must pay Full Membership subs as applicable.
2. Half Membership: if only 5 games are to be played the player must pay membership subs (negotiable at 50% discount on full subs depending on number of games played at the discretion of the committee). If you feel you are eligible for a half membership please contact the Membership Secretary.
3. Minimum payment of subs (unless VIP) is £35.
4. If you play only 1 or 2 games as an occasional player then match fees only are required at discretion of Commitee (this would include, for example, returning students).
5. Fines for not paying the full fees by 31st of October are an additional 50% of match fees levied by the captain every match.
6. Fines for non-paying membership by the 31st of December not be able to participate unless membership fees are paid in full
7. Fines for late payment of membership fees are NOT an alternative for paying and do not reduce the outstanding balance of the membership.
8. Players who do not pay match fees for two consecutive games will not be able to partake in a match for the club until the total number of outstanding fees has been paid.
9. Players who have still not settled last season’s membership fees cannot take any part in the following season’s matches until any outstanding fines AND membership fees have been covered.
10. Captains should notify the committee/ their club captain of any payment issues they are having with players. The Committee will notify the Captains if a player has not paid Membership fees and needs to be charged an additional amount in match fees.

Shefford and Sandy Hockey Club aim to help as many members participate in matches and play as regularly as they can. If any player has payment issues or concerns their please contact your team captain or a committee member to discuss.

Membership Prices

Membership TypePaid Before 31st OctoberPaid After 31st October
Senior Member (Over 21)£120£140
Full Time Student or Aged 21 or under (playing matches)£65£75
Discount Membership: Committee Member, Captains, Goalkeeper with Kit£35£55
Junior Member£65£75

V.I.P Members
From the start of the 2017 season, and at the discretion of the committee, members who have umpired more than 10 games in the previous season will be eligible for a full discount on Membership fees the following season*.

*Note: the minimum amount that will need to be paid is £1.

Match Fees

LevelMembership PaidUnpaid Membership After 31st October
Full Member/ Adult£10£15
Student/ Junior in Adult side£5£7.50
Junior not in Adult side£4N/A