Update from the Chair

Update from the Chair

By Hannah Bartram
28 June 2019
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I recently gave an update following the AGM and undertook to keep you up today’s with meaty changes!

The first us to announce that the ladies 2s will play next season in the East League (in we’ve div4 not div3 as previously advised). This is a big change and, as Tony mentioned at the AGM, it is likely that in due course all others S&SHC teams (and perhaps all of the five counties) will move across to the East league. It is likely to be a tough transition but should help with flexing between the 1s and 2s in the ladies section.

Second area is to confirm that the committee and wider roles met up (list at end) to start planning for the next season. There is a lot to do and we agreed that it is a good time to refresh the roles, responsibilities and ‘rules’ which support the club.

The first area we have agreed relates to the principles that will underpin all team selections for the next season in all areas of the club.

We agreed that;
1. We will start at the top tier (filling 1s teams first and then cascade into the remaining teams until all teams are addressed)
2. S&SHC will aim to field the ‘strongest’ team. But this does not automatically mean the strongest individuals or best players from a technical perspective. Other aspects of team play can and will be considered when creating the strongest possible team from available players.
3. If an individual declines to accept the selection invitation for a team they will not be penalised.
4. It’s you who decides if you’re ready. If you do not feel ready to play at a particular level or have other reasons (eg medical) for not doing so we will respect that.
5. The right support to address an individual’s concerns will be offered - by finding out what that individual needs. This is particularly so for juniors and those transitioning between junior and adult sections of the club.
6. Consideration will be given to commitment to the club - including your attendance at training and in commitment to match play.

Committee roles;
Chair - Caron Bradshaw
Club Secretary - Mark Cooke-Abbott
Treasurer - Sammi Green
Men’s Club Captain - Steve Ashdown
Ladies’ Club Captain - Gina Kelly

Supporting Roles;
Head coach and Membership Secretary - Doug Dawson
Umpire Liaison Officer- Tayla Green
Social secretaries - Dom Wright/Caitlin Kelly
Club Welfare Officer - Rachel Dawson
Junior Coordinator - Jade Gravell
Fixtures Secretary - Hannah Bartram

We look forward to sharing more in due course and updating our website.



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