Sun 25
Eastern Counties Festival [venue tbc]
Sun 25
Under 13 Boys
Some great rugby from the U13s

Some great rugby from the U13s

By Leslie Gelling
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5 wins, 1 draw & 2 loses

Shelford A in Tier 1
Shelford A’s travelled to a chilly Thurston in Suffolk to compete in this year’s 2nd round of County Cup Festival.

Game 1
First Game kicked off at 1pm against Bury St Edmunds. Shelford won the toss and chose ends, therefore Bury kicked off. Honours were very even throughout the game with both sides making gains territorially. Shelford made it into the 22, when they were turned over in ruck and Bury broke through Shelford line to run the length of the pitch to score. After the half time break Shelford and Bury swapped territory and possession. After a scrum in Shelford’s favour Billy White in the backs line broke through and scored the equalising try.
Bury 1 Shelford 1

Game 2
Shelford’s next game was against Southwold. Shelford proved to be the stronger team. With some determined play, Shelford broke through from the backs again. Throughout the game Yujian Zou crossed over to score twice. Fraser Christie also scored a brace by taking quick penalties at close range which surprised Southwold and Fraser capitalised.
Shelford 4 Southwold 0

Game 3
Shelford faced up against Wymondham. The squad were beginning to believe in one another’s strengths. The forwards were carrying the ball straighter up the pitch, allowing the backs to be organised when the ball emerged. First to score, Dylan Samujh busted through some attempted tackles and dotted down. Before the half time break, Ed Naylor received a pass above his head and once he side-stepped the first defender he sped into score the try from around the half way line.
During the second half Zou made another determined line break to score. Quick hands through the back line delivered the ball again to Naylor, and he finished off the linked-up play in the corner of the try area. Last to score for Shelford, Hayden Everitt, received the ball from a penalty near the half way line. Hayden has a knack of running with the ball with such speed and purpose it makes very hard to bring him down. After shrugging off the first couple of attempts Hayden was well on his way. Both Shelford and Wymondham giving chase. Defensive cover made further efforts to bring him down, but it was too little too late and Hayden got his try.
Wymondham 0 Shelford 5

Game 4
The last game of the afternoon was against Ipswich. It soon turned into a close contest with each team trying to force the other to miss a tackle or be forced into touch with no way around the outside. Shelford were first to strike, Zou making one of his trademark bursts at the line to cross the try line. At the half time chat it was clear Shelford still had work to do, but belief was with the boys. Play continued in the same vain, small gains made by both sides. Once more, Zou crashed through an attempted tackle and made it across the line. Ipswich did earn themselves a consolation try towards the end of the day.
Ipswich 1 Shelford 2.

B Team Report (by Vincent Yip)
We arrived at Mistley, cold in the early morning and after a half hour warm up we were ready to begin our first of our 4 tournament games against Woodbridge. Eventually a Woodbridge player slipped through our defence but we didn't give up and we soon equalised. But Woodbridge managed to score another try, leaving us 2-1 down when the final whistle blew. Next we were against Wymondham soon walking away with a 4-2 victory. After this we went straight into the next match full of confidence. This was against the home side Mistley and soon after the start we scored a try, but didn't give up and soon were level after they scored their first try of the match, but we knew we could win and soon scored three more tries, giving us a 4-1 win. Our last game was definitely set to be our hardest with many of their team being much bigger than us and although we tried our hardest we couldn’t repel their relentless attacks and Swafham won 3 tries to 1. Overall we played very well as a team and took home an even 2 wins and 2 losses.

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