International Tickets

International Tickets

Shipston Rugby Club receive an allocation of International Tickets for England RFU Fixtures

These tickets are available to ALL CLUB MEMBERS for purchase on a 'First Come' basis. However, the club has to buy these tickets from the RFU some months in advance of the fixtures, meaning there is a substantial outlay of cash from the club's reserves.

In order to avoid the club being unduly vulnerable to a low take-up of the allocation, or to insure against last-minute 'drop-outs' by people who have requested tickets, we are implementing a 'deposit' system which operates as follows:

Requests for tickets can be made online using the club's '"Payments" facility on this website (see below for link). Simply scroll down the Payments page to the section marked 'Other Payments' and you will see a selection of option buttons.

The £35.00 per ticket deposit is refundable should the tickets you have requested not be available, or if you change your mind no later than one calendar month before the date of the fixture. It is not refundable if you change your mind within one month AND the club cannot re-sell the ticket(s). So, to be absolutely clear, if your tickets can be re-sold by the club at any point prior to the game you WILL receive your deposit back.

If you do not wish to use the website 'deposit and request' option you can still contact Jimmy Meadows to request tickets on: However, you will still be required to give Jimmy a deposit of £35.00 per ticket in order to submit your request.

International tickets are available to ALL SRFC MEMBERS - not matter whether your are a Senior Player, a Social Member or a Mini & Junior Parent.