Sun 24
Evesham RFC
1st XV
"No one told me!!!!!"

"No one told me!!!!!"

By Gary Bonsor
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Not 'Home alone' but 'Away alone'

Welcome to the first match report of the new season-the fact that the game was cancelled Friday and no one told the new first team match reporter (me) is bye the bye!Still,it was only a Bank Holiday Saturday and I had nothing better to do than take my old Fiesta on a 40 mile round trip!
On arrival Evesham were already changed and warming up-I didn't panic that no one from Shipston was there as I'm usually the first one to arrive anyway-actually it was very enjoyable as Evesham Cricket Club were playing Droitwich Spa,so I watched the cricket for an hour-if the bar had been open it would have been perfect.As 2:30 approached I started to get a bit twitchy-but as Shipston's first team are famous for arriving late to away games,I didn't panic.A 2:45 I went across to the rugby players and was informed the game was called off Friday and they were just training.
So I set off back home and put my new note pad and pencil away!Gary B

p.s.For those who are interested-Evesham lost the cricket!

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