Sat 06
1st XV
Cheltenham North


By Gary Bonsor
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Battling performance just in vain

With both team's in mid table positions, a close encounter was on the cards.
Within 3 minutes Shipston took the lead when captain Matt Corby spotted Charlie Speechley unmarked on the right wing and fired a pin point cross field kick to give the home team a 5-0 lead.
On 10 minutes Cheltenham North hit back when their second row was allowed to score under the posts and the simple conversion was missed-5-5.
The game them broke up into clashes between the 2 team's with the match official battling to keep both sides in order.On 18 minutes he had no alternative but to start brandishing the yellow card-CN's number 14 was first to receive one and this allowed Shipston to regain the lead when the ball was spun out for Oli Morris to score in the corner-10-5.
On 25 minutes the visitor's receive another yellow to reduce them to 13-but 5 minutes later it was Shipston's turn, a high kick was put in to CN's 22-but as their man made the error of calling for a mark while the ball was still 20 foot in the air and on catching the ball was legally tackled, the CN's players took offence to this and another skirmish resulted which convinced the official to give Tom Page and Harry Barnard and CN's number 17 yellow cards.
Shipston stretched their lead on 35 minutes when again Oli Morris scored in the opposite corner for a 15-5 lead.
The visitor's hit back with an converted try and a penalty before half time for the team's to turn round 15-15.
3 minutes into the second half the visitor's took the lead with a simple penalty to give them a 15-18 lead.Then we had to wait until the 65 minutes when CN's bigger forwards started to ware down Shipston to open up a 15-23 lead and 5 minutes later extended it to 15-28.
Shipston hit back with 5 minutes to go when a good move allowed prop Ben Haines to crash over-but as throughout all the match fighting broke out which resulting Harry Barnard receiving his second yellow which made it a red-Rob James converted the try to make it 22-28.
Despite now down to 14 Shipston tried their best to salvage the match and came close to breaking through the CN's defence-and even the last move of the match,Ben Morgan burst down the left but was tackled,and as Shipston set the ball up,the visiting players and technical area appealed for a throw-in even though it was clearly in play,out of play was given-enough said!!
My Man of the Match goes to the whole Shipston team and technical area for not appealing and questioning every refereeing decision!!
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