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Teams announced for our final pre-season games

Teams announced for our final pre-season games

By Adam Geddes
28 April 2022
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Strong teams with a few debuts.

The 1st XI are at home this week against Bohemians and look to continue their success. This team see's two new debuts in the shape of Tom Edwards and Dan, while returning Dhanush Thiaraj, Ken Earl and Lewis Palmer get their first game of the year. The team is as follows;

John Stilwell (CPT)
Adam Geddes
Asad Mohammed
Dhanush Thiaraj
Dom Cross
Faizan Asif
James Vaughn
Ken Earl
Lewis Palmer
Tom Edwards

The 2nd XI will look to get off to an equally roaring start with their first game away against Lodway. New captain Ross Geddes has an opportunity to see debuting Sam Rizvi, alongside a number of old faithfuls such as Jake Palmer, Steve Williams and Lewis Grace. The team is as follows;

Ross Geddes (CPT)
Aaron Williams
Ahad Rizvi
Andy Geddes
Dave Austin
Jake Palmer
Lewis Grace
Luke Tanner
Matt Potter
Sam Rizvi
Steve Williams

Good luck to both teams as we draw ever closer to the season. Up the Shire!

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