Farewell to Moberg in a closely contested game

Farewell to Moberg in a closely contested game

By Martin Hax
25th June 2018
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Match reporter: Hax

The Vikings struggled to make numbers for the game against Italia82. Finally 14 Vikings showed up at the Cage Sports Park to fight the very opponent that handed over a numbing defeat for the Vikings during last season.


Eu Jin
Rahbeh / Jonas / Hax / Buck
Morten V / Moberg / US / Crone

At kick off the Italians came out like a team on a quest of revenge for not making the World Cup. They had several good players, especially on the midfield and in attack, making good runs for each other. After about five minutes their nimble bearded striker received the ball inside the Viking box. The ball was not cleared properly and the striker was allowed to turn and with a cool finish give the lead to Italia82. Very poor start.

The Italians continued to control the game and managed to put some excellent into the box but, luckily for the Vikings, the finishing was not as good as the crossing. When Morten V pulled a muscle and had to limb off, and shortly after Marck also getting a good scrub leaving him on the ground for a while, it looked to be a long game for the Vikings.

Despite the injuries, the Viking started to gain more possession and to put pressure on the Italian goal. First a great run down the right wing by US that took the Italian midfield by surprise. Suddenly it was 3 vs 2 and US made a hard low pass to Moberg charging towards goal but he just missed to get his foot on the ball to control it. Very big chances wasted. The Vikings fought bravely in the back with Buck, Hax, Jonas, and Rahbek heading, kicking, and screaming, the best they knew.

Shortly before half time Moberg broke free on goal and completely alone with the keeper he unselfishly passed the ball to Claus 202 for the tap in. Claus, not having touched a football since the Viking Cup, from a distance of three meters kicked the ball outside the empty goal. The half time whistle sounded moments later.

The second half continued as a closely contested match. The Italians rested a couple of their key players but the Vikings, having only one sub, did not have such luxury. Then followed 20 minutes of kick and rush from both sides. It was not a pretty game. The Vikings managed to get a few shots on goal, the best one being from Moberg, but no lady luck this round. The Italians tried with through balls but the Vikings were fast to clear. Eu Jin in goal was also a safe last man to receive back passes from the defense.

After the last water break Moberg was pulled down on the midfield and US was put in front to partner with target man Claus. With about 15 minutes to go a cross went into the Italian goal box. Crouch, knowing US was better positioned, let the ball continue and US made no mistake by slotting in the equalizer, 1-1.

The Italians, having defended well throughout the game, looked frustrated by conceding the goal against them. This frustration only got worse when a defensive error lead to US capturing the ball in the Italian box and with plenty of time he buried the 2-1 goal for the Vikings.

The Italians threw everything forward and despite free kicks and corners flying into the Viking box the equalizer was not close. The last two minutes felt like an eternity and when the final whistle sounded the exhausted Vikings raised their hands to celebrate the hard fought victory.

9 votes: Moberg
3 votes: Jonas
1 vote: Hax

Italia82 had a strong team, played well, and did not deserve to lose like this. However, the Vikings did actually have the more open chances and probably should have scored earlier in the game. Italia82 will definitely do some good damage in the Vets league and we look forward to the next encounter, and also to see them steal points against the other top teams.

Finally, great game by the Ref. Probably the best in the league.

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