Too much space for a real Vets game at the Centaur pitch

Too much space for a real Vets game at the Centaur pitch

By Martin Hax
18 June 2018
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Match reporter: Hax

The second game against Gaelic took place on the very large Centaur pitch in Turf City. Coach Hax struggled to gather enough players but finally saw 14 man strong team, and three loyal supporters/male groupies, show up at the pitch.

The newly promoted Coach Hax had proclaimed that all the performances of the past had no value. The concept of nepotism and exchange friendly favours for a starting spot also belonged to the past. On the same time Coach Hax mentioned that his wife liked fresh seafood to be delivered to the door every Sunday morning. The Coach immediately put action behind his words and benched Morten Vind, the otherwise dominant MOM from last game.

Line-up (4-1-4-1):

Rafa / Jonas / Lasse / Rahbek
Crone / Moberg / Crouch / US

Bench: Morten, Stack, Hax

The beginning of the game was rather short of events worth mentioning. Both teams played very defensive and very little action happened in either end. The Vikings had the ball almost all the time but lone man in front, Marck, lacked support. US made a few good runs on the left wing but the crosses never materialized into goal scoring opportunities. Twenty minutes in, 0-0, and water break.

Coach Hax instructed the team to apply high pressure on the pitch and the effect showed as soon as the game resumed. Marck, Moberg, and US were chasing a loose ball in the Gaelic defense and with the ball not being cleared US managed to tap it in for a Viking lead. Unattractive but effective; 1-0.

The Viking back four was solid and with Raven cleaning up as in a CDM role there was very little to do for Rene in goal. Crone did some good running and Morten, subbed in, did what he could to regain his starting position in next game (fresh seafood). Marck won a ball on the midfield, saw the keeper way off his line, and from 30 meters out lobbed the ball over the keeper. 2-0 for the Vikings.

Gaelic ran the best they could but against a strong Viking squad it was difficult. The third goal was almost a copy of the second one, only this time it was US who lobbed the ball over the keeper from distance. 3-0 was the score at half time.

Second half started with a feeling that the Centaur pitch was getting larger and larger. There was almost too much space for the ball to be passed around and the lack of in-fights and tackles made it a horrible game to watch, said a discontent Elbo while sitting there with his finger in cast looking like a fool.

The Vikings won a corner. Crouch drove in the ball as if it was a shot on goal and Lasse connected nicely with his forehead. The ball went in nicely in the lower right corner. Very nice goal from Lasse to make it 4-0.

Near the end of the game Lasse got another chance to double his tally but the keeper came out to close out all options but the lob, which went outside the post. The game ended 4-0.

Other than that nothing much happened. It was by no means on attractive game and probably the large pitch was to blame. Probably the rather defensive tactics also prevented fireworks from going off left and right. The Vikings played a very disciplined game, kept a clean sheet, and scored four goals to win the three points.

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