Vikings Vets prove to 1TM that life is not fair

Vikings Vets prove to 1TM that life is not fair

By Martin Hax
12 June 2018
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Match reporter: Hax

Even before the season started the game against 1TM was poised to be the first large challenge for the Vikings Vets. Arriving to the pitch it was clear that 1TM had brought in several young Vets call boys for the top game against the Vikings. Last season included two closely contested matches against 1TM and the first one of this season was expected to be no less competitive.

The Vets started in the contemporary defensive 4-5-1 line up with the iron clad defense from previous games in Rafa / Hax / Lasse / Mark vD. Martin Just in a holding midfield supported the back four and it would be difficult for 1TM to tear apart this defense. The first twenty minutes of the game saw both sides play very well but it was 1TM who had the most majority of the possession and also the best runs on goal. The Vikings midfield did lots of running, with especially Morten putting in a great deal of chasing for the ball, but the chances created up front were few and far apart.

After the water break, with the scoreline still at 0-0, 1TM came out flying. A fast break on their right side and a nice flick of the ball left their fast winger free to shoot on goal. While the ball whistled past the far post the completely free 1TM striker on the middle was seen pulling out the last few hairs from his head in despair. Massive chance wasted.

Again, 1TM had the best play and their tall striker, Crouch, was very good at capturing the ball and distributing to the other 1TM players. Soon followed a double 1TM chance, first hitting the post and then the follow up shot being heroically saved on the line by Just, was kicked away to safety.

The first half finished off with the Vikings getting back in the game with Marck, Crouch, Morten, Raven, and a few more other hard working Vikings, managing to initiate some good attacks. Morten had a few decent chances on goal but the 1TM goal keeper was solid. Mark vD also missed a good opportunity on a header but the first half ended 0-0.

Second half was a great battle of the midfield. The 1TM call boys were technically strong, and fast, but the Viking midfield was up for the challenge. The Vikings made full use of the bench and Schone, Dragsbaek, Buck, and Giraf all made a positive impact. Eu Jin in the Viking goal also played a strong game and really helped create confidence on the team.

1TM did not have too many subs for the game and during the game they suffered a few minor injuries. While the 1TM midfield was still very strong it was their attack and defense were starting to show signs of fatigue. The Vikings stood well defensively and allowed for few attacks to

The time was running out and while no team played as if they were content with a draw a goal to either was not on the cards. The 1TM defensive line was pushing all the way up to the midfield. Mark vD won the ball and cleared it up towards the 1TM half. The 1TM defenders were caught off guard and their closest man pulled a Gerrard ( allowing Stabel to chase up the ball and alone with the goal keeper he waited… and waited for keeper chose his side and then Stabel passed the ball around him to make it 1-0.

It was a stunner. Not because it was a beautiful goal but because it was so sudden, so unexpected, and largely, undeserved. Yet, 1-0 it was and with only little time left to play the Vikings parked the bus. Soon after the final whistle blew.

1TM is a very strong team and it was a pleasure to play such competitive game. The result may not have been entirely fair, but hey, neither is life. Thank you to 1TM for a fantastic game. We already look forward to the next encounter. By then we may even have our top scorer back from injury and ready to join the fun.

Thank you to the ref for a strong performance.

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This was also the last game with Coach Moeller and Coach CJ in charge of Vikings Vets. Thank you Moeller and CJ for the commitment to the team but that being said, for a historically proud team like the Vikings Vets a 2nd place in the league last year, behind 1TM, is far from satisfactory. As such, change was needed. The new coaches for the Viking Vets, announced Saturday night at the Vikings Summer Party, are Coach Kalle and Coach Hax. The new coaching team promises glory for the Vikings Vets... but if they fail the Viking Vets will obviously be looking for new coaching capacities starting next season. Life is not fair.

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