Sat 01
Veteran Vikings
Anza Lions FC
B Spitzkeit (5'), (40'), H Staal (33'), (1'), (5'), L Moller (35')
Great comeback

Great comeback

By Mark Perry
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And a rare "egg"

Big shout out to the lads from Anza. Quality sporting team and overall just a great bunch!

MOM today goes to Brian "4 more years" US.

Match report today courtesy of Locomotive

Back live from Avenue Sports covering the game between Vikings and Anza Lions. Kick off in one minute. Strong line-up today with Rene “the wall” in goal, Anas, Stereo…and “4 more years” - just to name a few.

15:14 - Huge pressure from Vikings in the first minutes!!

15:16 - Møller offside…huge possibility!

15:18 - Goaaaal!! US puts it in…cool as Corona. Strong start - 1-0 Vikings… 7 min played…ball possession 80–20….30 degrees weather - only mild wind

15:21 - White Tiger picks the ball on the mid field….50 years of experience makes the difference…Vikings in control

15:24 - Anas is trying…couple of half chances…nothing serious…15 minutes played

15:25 - CJ tries to control a pass in mid air….looks great…didn’t work

15:26 - US with a sugar ball to Staal! But shot reflected.

15:28 - Dave is working hard on the midfield….but passes seem a little off…probably the boots that need fixing.

15:30 - Huge chance for Moberg!! Beautiful pass from CJ but miss

15:32 - White Tiger keeps playing with great coolness and experience - quite impressive

15:33 - Whoo! Great pass from Staal! US just above the crossbar. Christ!

15:38 - Great shot from US!! 20 meters out…just missed the right side of the goal.

15:40 - Vikings playing passes on the ground. Anza is struggling to keep up

15:45 - Gooooooal!! Staal puts it in. CJ sets him up beautifully

15:49 - Dave with a shot! 7m right of the goal…definitely something with the boots today

15-52 - CJ is sugar daddy today !! Another beautiful pass to Staal. But off side.

15:53 - Gooooooal! US makes it look so easy…just out runs 3 defenders from the half-line and puts it in. World class.

16:02 - Second half. Rene in the field now. Eu-Jin in goal. Rene just had a great chance. Close if the ball hadn’t been 6m over goal.

16:03 - Gooooal!! Stål picks it up on a rebound. 4-0 Vikings. Looking good.

16:06 - CJ is on fire!! He just runs through and hits the upper post. Stål scores on the rebound. 5-0 Vikings.

16:09 - Vikings are constantly dangerous. Every attack is high quality. Shot from US! Right in the belly of the goal keeper.

16:12 - Dave out. Well fought from the mid fielder

16:14 - Møller is threatening to sub himself in again. Guarantees to score. We will hold him to it.

16:17 - Lovely pass from US to So!! But not so lovely attempt on goal. Still 5-0

16:22 - Staal is subbed. Hattrick today from the apprentice. Well done

16:24 - Last 20 minutes start now. Let’s see if Møller can put his money where his mouth is.

16:27 - Gooooal by Fabian! But offside. Wrong by the ref.

16:30 - Shooting tent. Vikings are all over them

16:35 - And Møller scores. I’m not kidding!!. He puts it into the left side of the net. Cool, calm, and collected. Well done. 6-0 Vikings.

Game over! 6-0 to Vikings. Well played throughout the entire Team. A pleasure to watch. Locomotive signing off. And have a great weekend.

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