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Veteran Vikings
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4 Games to go.....

4 Games to go.....

By Morten Kalle
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Ze Germans are back.....

4th last game of the season against the Germans whom we have struggled with in the previous encounters - last 2 games ended 3-3 and 4-4 respectively.

First half started out as quite an even affair with vikings looking most dangerous coming to 2-3 good chances within the first 20 minutes up until the water break. The narrow pitch at Bendemeer is not our favourite pitch for our wide running game and the German defence did a good job at closing us down going forward.

After the water break the game started to become of battle of the midfield as both ends defended well. A lot of possession changing hands and no real chances up until 5 minutes before half time when the Germans managed to pull off a 1-0 lead after a good throw and turn in our left hand side.

Only 2 minutes later, the vikings did not look switched on and a long ball forward ended up with a German midfielder in the viking box and he was taken down and a correct penalty was awarded to the Germans.

A good penalty shot and Vikings were now 2-0 down at half time.

Second half saw a change in formation and a call for attack by the coaching team. This effort seemed to pay off as it was 35 degrees and Germans were short of subs. Only 5-7 minutes into second half we saw John Wayne with a massive double chance but the ball went over.

Vikings managed to score 1 but the ref called it offside - we are still awaiting the video footage but would have said it was not the right call.

After 17 minutes we found release at last. Morten Enggaard heads a good pass over the keeper and score now 2-1 Germans.

Vikings looking more and more dangerous and Germans struggling with the heat gave away more free kicks. Kalle puts a 30 meter shot just wide on a direct kick…. could this signal a change in the game…..?!?

The next 2-3 minutes proved expensive for the Germans. Very expensive…. John Wayne scores 2 goals within 2 minutes and brings the scoreline to 3-2 in Vikings favour.

The 1TM spectators were busy on their whatsapps sending updates back to their HQ but matters were only made worse when John Wayne completed his hattrick with 5 minutes to go making the final scoreline 4-2 to Vikings.

A tough day in the office for the Germans who did well in the first 40 minutes but ran out of power in the second half. We always enjoy playing you guys and wish you all the best in the rest of the season.

3 games left - 3 points lead - can Vikings go all the way……

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