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Midweek Viking win against Playground Rivals

Midweek Viking win against Playground Rivals

By Peter Crone Nielsen
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- Last minute decider!

The Viking midweek cup campaign got kicked off Wednesday evening against Playground Rivals. Vikings had mustered a strong squad and felt comfortable coming into the match but it turned out to be a very difficult task to take out PR that came into the match in full force. An early lead in the first half stunned the Viking and was struggling to get a foothold trailing behind most of the time during first half. Vikings started turning things around when CJ converted a penalty to a goal late first half - well placed top left corner. PR kept up their part of chances and took lead again early second half and looked determined to close things down with fast plays and lots of runs making it very difficult for the Viking defensive line. Trailing behind 2-1 Vikings kept their heads in the game and managed to get back to 2-2 with a Dragsbæk goal 10 minutes into 2nd after a corner. As fatigue started to set it, counters from both teams increased rapidly as well as chances for both teams. After a great save by Eu Jin but poor clearing from defence and PR put it back in the net for a 3-2 lead. With only 10 minutes to go Vikings tried to push even harder, Giraf & Dragsbæk running like crazy and Tomas/Magnus/Tobias as second wave leaving midfield area even more wide open. Just and Robert were fierce in closing down counters that could have sealed the deal for PR. Within the last 5 minutes Vikings went all in on a couple of set pieces far out left midfield area…Just went for the high ball aiming for tall Vikings to head in. Instead with a bit of confusion, ball went through everybody and equalisation was a reality for 3-3. And finally one more set piece in more or less same spot, Just again with the pass. This time Just found the tallest neck in the woods aka Peter “Giraf” Rasmussen who took it all home for the Vikings in a dramatic last minute win manner. Just took home MOM after 80 minutes of top notch defense and great set pieces. A big shoutout for the Playground team for a solid performance. We are obviously happy to take the win, but yea.. it was certainly a close one! Also thanks to ref for a really good performance / Coach Crone
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