Tue 06
Cosmoleague Vikings
Aioli FC
L Andersen (25'), (50'), J Nielsen (30'), (80')
And we go live from Turf City,

And we go live from Turf City,

By Brian Chang Won Plaenoe
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Vikings Whatsapp chat during the game!

7’ Jacob Stabell: 0-1 aioli header from back post. not good,
8’ Lars Schønnemann: We not even started yet,
9’ Lars Schønnemann: Stabell can you pause the game. Will be there in 7 min!!
9’ Jacob Stabell: Thumbs up
10’ Jacob Stabell: Close to equalize! Game is alive
11’ Jacob Stabell: Second corner now for Vikings. come on!
12’ Jacob Stabell: Linesman is blind! Not offside good pressure!
13’ Jacob Stabell: Nice save from Eu Jin! Again, a header
13’ Hans Staal: IFL live updates from Stabell. Like being there
14’ Jacob Stabell: Jonas close !!...chip from domino. pffff
15’ Jacob Stabell: Vikings dominating mid field. looks good
17’ Lars Møller: Very ish...
17’ Jacob Stabell: Aioli offside - still dangerous
18’ Jacob Stabell: Free kick Vikings outside penalty area now! Doms at the ball
18’ Jacob Stabell: Hit the wall - bullocks!
19’ Lars Møller: Stabell it's really hard to keep a proper tinder dialogue with all these messages
20’ Jacob Stabell: Crazy pace! Match is all over the pitch! Doms is running like his life is depending on it!
21’ Jacob Stabell: Fuck! 0-2 aioli we were in control and them this
23’ Jacob Stabell: Half chances in both ends! We need the equalizer now!
26’ Jacob Stabell: Temperature allows a tempo across both teams! Which again create many mistakes
29’ Jacob Stabell: Jonas close getting first on the ball!!
29’ Jacob Stabell: 1-2!!! Goooooaaaaaaaalll !!
30’ Jacob Stabell: Lightning Leslie outsprints two defenders and chips it past the goalie - outstanding !!!
32’ Jacob Stabell: Tommie close!! Header pass the right post - Christ!
32’ Jacob Stabell: 2-2!! Goooooaaaaaaaalll!!
33’ Jacob Stabell: Assist from Jonas to xxx and goal is a reality! Outstanding comeback!!
34’ Coach Lars Østergaard: I can't go for dinner the reporter is amazing
35’ Jacob Stabell: According to my spy’s it was Jesper who scored
35’ Jacob Stabell: Corner aioli...
36’ Jacob Stabell: Ball cleared - no worries
37’ Jacob Stabell: Leslie looks tired - he was sprinting like a rocket for 30 minutes. Needs to reorganize
38’ Jacob Stabell: Free kick -Dom at the ball - looking to hit us or tommie
39’ Jacob Stabell: Ohhh...close for Tommie to cross it in!!
42’ Jacob Stabell: Game keeps moving back and forth. Nobody seems to control the mid field. Like a handball game!!
42’ Jacob Stabell: Very entertaining by the way
43’ Jacob Stabell: Bimse keeps making the right decisions in defence. Aioli can’t get through
44’ Jacob Stabell: US kicked in the Cojones! But up again. Balls of steel
45’ Jacob Stabell: Close to halftime.
47’ Jacob Stabell: Break - 2-2. crazy game! Will return shortly
Break‘ Lars Møller: Nice arm pits reporter
45’ Jacob Stabell: Game back on!!
46’ Jacob Stabell: Good plan for second half. need to stand more compact and win the midfield
47’ Jacob Stabell: So far, the plan is not working
48’ Jacob Stabell: Correction! It works!!! 3-2 Vikings! Goooooaaaaaaaalll
51’ Jacob Stabell: Bimse wins the ball in defence - cheats two mid fields - and serves a SUGAR ball for Leslie over 30 meters. Leslie chips it in - simply world class!!
52’ Hans Staal: Nice
52’ Jacob Stabell: Coach is on fire tonight! Makes all the right decisions. And whole team is working like crazy!
54’ Jacob Stabell: Aioli keeps trying! ...not over yet!
55’ Jacob Stabell: Simon is working like crazy. Tall guy gets first on everything
56’ Jacob Stabell: Jonas out - mark in ...Leslie out - panda in
58’ Jacob Stabell: Christ! Domino must have swallowed Duracell batteries!! He keeps sprinting from one end to the other!
59’ Jacob Stabell: Ohh!! Nice shot from Aioli. but Eu Jin saves for a corner kick
61’ Jacob Stabell: Ouch! Close on a header! But ball is cleared.
61’ Jacob Stabell: Elbo in - Lasse out
63’ Jacob Stabell: Seems like the premier league pace is running out of the players now. On both teams
63’ Jacob Stabell: Mark gets up on a corner! But heads over.
65’ Coach Lars Østergaard: amazing game to follow Stabell
66’ Jacob Stabell: Continues to be cowboys and Indians on the mid-field! I am not comfortable with this still 20 to go
67’ Coach Lars Østergaard: Come on Vikings show the spirit
67’ Jacob Stabell: Arhh. Free kick outside our penalty box. not a good spot!
68’ Jacob Stabell: But no danger. ball is cleared
69’ Jacob Stabell: Free kicks constantly! They are tired and is starting to kick each other instead of the ball...
71’ Benji Davis: If only someone was there to boost the morale via top banter
72’ Jacob Stabell: Class run by Tommie!! Cheats 3 but the pass becomes slightly long.
74’ Jacob Stabell: We are standing too low and leaving the mid field open. FUCK! Too fragile
76’ Rene 'Doktor' Frandsen: Power! Come on Vikings
76’ Jacob Stabell: Still 3-2. 15 to go - very equal right now
77’ Rene 'Doktor' Frandsen: Its 5 degrees here. Need some continued good news to keep warm. Come on Gents!
78’ Jacob Stabell: Aioli scores! But offside... Tooo close
79’ Jacob Stabell: And then. sad to report. equalizer a reality 3-3. son of a b...!!!
79’ Rene 'Doktor' Frandsen: Fffffff
80’ Jacob Stabell: Misunderstanding between defence and Eu Jin - aioli can easily put it in
83’ Jacob Stabell: Simon forced a free kick with some fancy moves. We are still in this!
83’ Jacob Stabell: Corner Vikings! But ball cleared.
84’ Jacob Stabell: 4-3!! Goooooaaaaaaaalll. Hell yeah !!
84’ Coach Lars Østergaard: Uhhhhhh
85’ Jacob Stabell: Jesper chips it in after some messy play!! Come on Vikings!! Few minutes left
85’ Hans Staal: Oh yeah!
86’ Rene 'Doktor' Frandsen: Power power power!!
86’ Coach Lars Østergaard: missing emoji
86’ CJ: Go Vikings!!!
86’ Jacob Stabell: Uuhh...chance for Aioli!! Not over yet 7 minutes left
86’ Coach Lars Østergaard: missing emoji
87’ Jacob Stabell: Aioli keeps pushing!! Christ! Nerve wrecking
88’ Jacob Stabell: Ooohh .. another chance for Aioli! Eu Jin saved. corner kick
89’ Jacob Stabell: Eu Jin clears! New corner!!
90’ Jacob Stabell: Game over!! 4-3 win!
CJ: missing emoji
CJ: Thank you missing emoji
Hans Staal: Congrats, well done!
Coach Lars Østergaard: Amazing congrats the whole team please and thanks to you Stabell for outstanding reporting
Lars Møller: No comments....
Mathias Bertelsen: Well done Cosmo Great season so far - keep it up! Awesome reporting
Benji Davis: Well done boys! Future champs!
Jacob Stabell: Simply a crazy high level and very equal game. But the win is well deserved and Vikings secures a top spot in the league! What to say!! Merry Christmas, mother bitches! Over and out from yours truly - and see you Friday for celebrations
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