Sat 05
Cosmoleague Vikings
Latini FC
T Sorensen (30'), (75'), (77'), L Andersen (65'), J Nielsen (70'), B Spitzkeit (80')
The Vikings is on a Roll!

The Vikings is on a Roll!

By Brian Chang Won Plaenoe
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With the sun gone, a pleasant temperature and a big rain shower a few hours before the game, the Saturday gave us perfect Singapore football weather.
The Vikings team had a strong starting 11, complimented by a strong 3 an bench as well, so it came as no suprise that the coachs started in the famous and offensive 3-5-2.

The Vikings came on strong from start, and put on a high pressure which resulted in high ball possesion in the first 15 minutes.
It took a few unsuccesful long passes from the back chain, before the aim was perfected and the artillery bombing of long passes on the wings could commence.
A lot of good chances were created, but we needed the last 2 percent of the precision required to utilize our chances and take the lead.

Latini responded to the high Vikings pressure with quick and efficient contra balls, that resulted in 2 big chances that might as well have seen Latini ahead.
It was after 39 minutes that Tommie san could pamper the Vikings supporters with a ball to the left side of the keeper after a bit of rumble in the penalty area.
the rest of the first half went by with the Latini team advancing the pressure 10 meters, but at 45 minutes the referee blew for the half-time at 1-0.

The second half commenced with the Vikings lacking a bit of the beautiful football shown in first half.
Latini came out strong after the break, and dominated the first 15 minutes, but with fighting spirit the Vikings managed to reclaim ball possesion and at the 69th minute mark, Leslie paid back the goal he put in the bank durring first half after a freekick the kepper wasn't able to hold.
Following the 2-0 goal, the northmen went into a session of powerplay, and already 7 minutes later Jesper "Roadrunner" Meincke put in his 5th goal of the season with an assist from Domino.
We didn't have to wait more than 4 minutes for the next Viking goal, which was a Alex-Tommie combination that saw the vikings hit 4-0.
Now 3 minutes later, in the 84th minute, a bad pass from Latini saw Domino with a 1-on-1 with a Latini Keeper, that had shown previously in the game that being alone with him is no guarantee of a goal.
As Domino is not interested in scoring goals, and is going for the Top Assist trophy this year, he decided to lob the ball over the keeper that got one hand on it, and Domino could thereafter pass to Tommie which secured his 3rd assist of the game and a hattrick for Tommie.
2 minutes later, Brian US decided that he wasn't going to let it slide, that he was the only Viking striker in the game that didn't score, so after a brilliant pass into the penalty area from Jesper Meincke on the right wing, he thundered it in to end the game at 6-0.

Thanks to all for supporting on a not so sunny Saturday, and see you next week where The Vikings is facing off against Aioli.

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