Fri 15
Cosmoleague Vikings
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Vikings Get the Win

Vikings Get the Win

By Brian Chang Won Plaenoe
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The formula 1 circus was in town, but that didn’t stop The Vikings from delivering a solid performance Friday night against the Swiss. From the very beginning the Vikings were possessing the ball well, moving it around and stretching the opposition thin. First 30 minutes were not the most interesting to be honest, with few chances created, but no goals. Casper aka Tarzan decided to break the deadlock, as he fought his way through the Swiss defense, making it 1-0 shortly before half time. No changes made during the break and the pattern from first half continued, with the Vikings controlling the game very well. II was clear that more goals were coming, as huge chances were created and squandered. Two Viking goals disqualified, one from Kalle's(Kalundborg) wonder boy in the offside and one as Nicolai received a yellow for scoring with the hand of god (Maradona style) As the Swiss grew tired, the Norwegian lord was brought on and it didn’t take him long to set Jonas up for a beautiful 2-0 goal. Following a few big misses, it was the Lord himself to make it 3-0 (Panda assist) and finally the game was definitively closed off with US making it 4-0 (Niels assist) shortly before the final whistle. Shout out to the Swiss for making it a lot closer than what the score reflected. Vikings Man of the Match was Jonas, well done!
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