Sat 23
Cosmoleague Vikings
Aioli FC


By Brian Chang Won Plaenoe
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Vikings missing in the 1st half, luckily we showed up in 2nd.

A hot Saturday afternoon at Turf City sat the scene for the clash between the Vikings and Aioli.
The game got off to a nervous start with both teams looking not to make any mistakes, even so, Aioli took advantage of a questionable piece of Viking defending after 10 min, making it 0-1. Coach Lars used the water break to do a pep talk around letting go of the handbrake and playing freely, which seemed help, even though Vikings did not score before halftime, there were more fighting spirit and a couple of decent chances created. A bit of drama was created shortly before the break, as Aioli’s keeper draws a yellow after going outside the box and colliding head on with US, sending him tumbling to the ground…… luckily no one was hurt.

Second half started much better for the Vikings, showing much more creativity and will. The reward came as a goal kick was headed on by US, making Leslie chase down the loose ball and looping it beautifully over the keeper… 1-1! The equalizer seemed to free up extra energy and the Vikings kept pressure on Aioli, which lead to Rasmus capitalizing on another set piece starting with a goal kick that was headed on to Leslie that found Rasmus on a through ball making it 2-1!! Although in the lead, the Vikings spent the water break planning a third and crucial goal, in order to close the match down. Through solid possession and with much patience several chances were created, culminating in a cross from the right side from Rasmus connecting well with Jesper’s head(eyes closed as Ronaldo) making it 3-1!! Seeing that the winning result now needed to be defended, three subs were made with Leslie, Jesper and Anders going out and Lord Karl, Torp and Niels coming on. The remainder of the match was characterized by Vikings defending and attempting to counter attack but neither side managed to score further, making the final result 3-1!!
Shout out to the support on the side-line and to Aioli for making this a very tough match. Great win and a great weekend for the Vikings!!! Split decision on MoM between US and Tomas, with 6 votes each…. #ViHarDenBedsteMidtbaneISG

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Sat 23, Sep 2017