Sat 25
Cosmoleague Vikings
Gaelic Lions FC
Last game for our Exchange Students and for Coach Bimse

Last game for our Exchange Students and for Coach Bimse

By Brian Chang Won Plaenoe
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Great Viking Spirit

This game would mark the last game for our young guns that will spend the next few months travelling South East Asia, it has been a pleasure to have them around and we look forward to seeing the next batch next year. They have improved our weekly training sessions and has helped our Sunday team as well.
It was also the last game for undersigned, as I will travel to Korea starting next year.

Turf City 14.00 was a bit overcast and looked like good conditions for a 15.00 kickoff. However as we kicked off the Sun came out and started burning the 22 men on the pitch.
The first 22 min was very even and there was not a lot of chances. Vikings back four looked very strong and rejected most of the balls coming their way.
First half ended same as the first 22 min, Lions has a good shot from the distance, but Bart was ready and pushed it to corner. Not that many chances to either team as the heat was clearly affecting the 22 man on the pitch.

Second half started overcast and was everyone was waiting for. Bit more action in second half with chances to both sides. Lion applied good pressure when we tried to play it between our back four. And the Lions was dangerous over the wings.
After a Lions attacked the Vikings created a counter after good play from defense up to the Rasmus that had a 1-2 with Leslie and then put a through ball to Skandalen that was clearly faster and cut in, in front on the defender to become 1-1 with Anders Vang and put it between the legs to give Vikings the lead 1-0, great play and great execution by Skandalen.
Up 1-0 the Lions tried to push even further to get the equalizer, but after some time it was Vikings that extended the lead. After a cross the ball ended up at Hotan's right leg for a volley and everyone on the bench immediately remembered last week's game where he had the chance for a volley with the left leg, but only hit air, however this time he left no doubt and punched it in with his right leg, great goal and good assist by Parwez. Vikings up 2-0.
After the second goal the Lions tried to push even further on, but the Vikings back four rejected almost everything.Great game back the back four!
Final whistle 2-0 for the Vikings, great game and great spirit from both teams, both undersigned and Coach Lars were very happy with the Vikings discipline throughout the game and especially the commitment.
A big thanks to Lions for a game well played and we wish you all the best.
Honorable mention from the Vikings, Parwez for missing that big Volley. Still VP to Leslie.

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