Sat 11
Cosmoleague Vikings
Nippon FC
Vikings trying to get back on track

Vikings trying to get back on track

By Brian Chang Won Plaenoe
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Pawez as VP and Hotan punishing the air.

Vikings had a great squad ready even with a lot of injuries and players out of town.

Game started very even. A lot back and forth. Nippon trying to attack over the wings with long balls and very aggressive on the second balls. Nippon waited back every time we started from goal and when Panda received they pushed up. That led to space in the opposite side when we got it over there and we were able to keep it on the ground.
Unfortunately Nippon took over a bit with the ball possession, but lucky for the Vikings we had birthday boy Tarzan and Lightning Leslie on top constantly causing a threat.
Nippon got the lead on a counter with a long ball to their left wing that luckily got the ball down and crossed it were a fellow Nippon tapped it in. 1-0 Nippon.
End of first half Vikings kept pushing on and got a lot of chances. We have a Parwez almost surpassed Leslie big miss vs the Hips, but it still wasn't as big, but too big to miss. A few min later Hotan kicked a hole in the air by missing the ball in the box another big chance for the Vikings.
Lightning had a great opportunity on the left side after a long ball, but the keeper kicked him down and to everyone's surprise no card was given. It was outside the box, but keeper was last man and not even close getting the ball. Shortly after that another Lighting bolt was taken to the ground. Lightning was chasing the ball into the box, a clear shoulder in the back from the Nippon defender that couldn't keep up, but again to our surprise no whistle. Clear Penalty, coaches very displeased with the ref and linesmen in this situation.

Halftime, Vikings had the advantage even down with one. A lot of chances and only a matter of time before we would get the goal.
Finally Tarzan got a deep ball on the left and ran pass the defender and into the box where Lightning was screaming for the ball, the cross came and it was as time stood still on the sideline as Lightning was about to finish, everyone seeing the miss against the Hibs, but with no hesitation from Lightning he tapped the ball in with the left leg behind the Nippon keeper - 1-1. Vikings fueled with motivation and aiming for the win.
10 min before the last whistle Johan had somehow managed to get up near the Nippon box and with a beautiful cross the ball ended at Lightnings head and he scored his second goal of the game.
5 min later Vikings Hulk aka Riber has to get subbed after a injury to the knee. Coaches had no idea on who to put in goal and decided Skandalen should go in, but Parwez stepped up and said he would do it(still feeling bad for the big miss in first half). He did very well in the goal and had a great save on a long shot.
Unfortunately we were unable hold the Nippon off and with 2 min to go they had a cross in the box that didn't get cleared and Nippon got the equalizer.
Get fight by the Vikings good to see the right spirit.
Thanks to Nippon for a good game and the refs as well except for the missing yellow and the penalty.
Next week is a break before the last game before Xmas where we will play the Lions.

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