Sun 27
Sunday Vikings
Purple Monkeys
L Skov Christensen (25'), L Andersen (45'), (65'), L Lund (60'), T Domino Andersen (80')
S Stackelies (20' OG)
Wow - what a Sunday game!

Wow - what a Sunday game!

By Thomas Bugge
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As our favorite supporter Frandsen said afterwards: "I nearly feel as tired watching as if I had played myself"!

Not a day to remember for the keepers, but certainly the supporters were very well entertained from the start to the final whistle today!
A very strong Vikings line-up with a few assistants from our Cosmo team that yet again had their game cancelled Saturday, so we were 120% on for revenge against Purple Monkeys that gave us a few embarrasing football lessons last season.
Unfortunately a couple of bad moments from our keeper Jesper So was punished by the monkeys as always (he claimed he was busy trying to impress Leslie's GF, didn't quite succeed). After 20 minutes it got even worse when Stack with his own words made a beautifully controlled header back towards So - but unfortunately he had moved a bit out of the centre of the goal meanwhile, so instead it ended as a beautiful own goal... 3-0 down after 20 minutes, and it looked like we were going to have another one of those lessons!
Luckily Lars Skov was so embarrased by his Blue Water colleague in the back line that he stepped up in the other end and continued his scoring form with a nice strike from the right side of the box. 1-1 for the Blue Water boys and only 3-1 down at halftime.
As indicated by the final score, second half turned out to be nerve-racking. A fast goal from Leslie on a great pass from Domino gave us all the extra energy needed to make a comeback. Jesper So stepped up with some good saves and even one of the Lund brothers wanted to join the party as Morten moved up from his left back and showed how to make a perfectly controlled finish that would have made Jon Dahl proud - or at least it made Lasse very proud on the sideline.
Our bench went bananas when Leslie completed the comeback and made it 4-3 after 65 min on a copy/paste collaboration with Domino. Unfortunately we lost our focus in a few situations where we were more busy with the refs decisions, and again Purple Monkeys showed why they are defending champions. Two half chances - and we were down 4-5 with 5 minutes to go.
But with Domino on the pitch there is always a chance for another bit of magic to happen even when everyone is out of energy.
In the very last second he got himself a free-kick just outside the box. A great chance with himself and Brian CWP on the pitch - and after a few shaky saves by their keeper, Domino decided to put the free-kick low in the keepers side. That paid off as it went through his hands and to the back of the net. 5-5 and the final whistle from the ref in same moment. A fair result even though we felt it was one of those days where we had the chance to take home a win against the top team.
MOM was fully deserved awarded to Leslie the Lightning, who always shows that inspiring winning spirit topped up with two great goals today.
Thanks to the ref and Purple Monkeys for a good Sunday afternoon entertainment. Also a big thanks to all our supporters that got full value for showing up today.
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