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Sunday Vikings
M Bertelsen (30'), E Toujas (35'), j gronbech (50'), (55')
The comeback kings did it again!

The comeback kings did it again!

By Thomas Bugge
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Another great comeback after being down 3-0 midway in first half!

Many things can be said about how this match developed and certainly a lot of things were said during the game. But none of it changes that we yet again showed strong spirit and came back after a very bad start where Barbarians punished some sloppy defending from our side starting from the midfield. So although we also had our chances we were down 3-0 after less than 20 minutes... Luckily we had our comeback last weekend in fresh memory and kept our heads up. The game changed when Thisen converted a penalty after 30 minutes and at the same time Barbarians goalscorer went out with an injury so they were down to 10 men. Just before halftime our new swedish/french winger Eric paid back after a bad finish few minutes earlier and took us to 2-3. Jävla bra!
On a steaming hot afternoon our full bench with 7 pairs of fresh legs and lungs came in handy in second half. Great number of sign-ups for the Sunday team recently, let's continue to make life easy for our coaches! One of the super subs, John, completed the comeback with two clinical finishes within the first 20 minutes of second half after great assists from US and Stack(!). From this moment we went into cruise control mode and managed to keep our tired opponents away from any big chances the last 20 minutes. What a brilliant win - but let's agree to make things a bit easier for ourselves next Sunday and be ready from the first whistle!
MOM was given to John after a very strong show in second half.
Thanks for the game to Barbarians and the ref.
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