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Usual Suspects
M Bertelsen (60')
Wonder how the league table was looking if we didn't start most games getting down 2/3-0?!

Wonder how the league table was looking if we didn't start most games getting down 2/3-0?!

By Thomas Bugge
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Great fight to get 1 point on a day where we did not do very well in possession. PS: The sneaky little korean in the picture did OK today - for a guy like him...

Time to get back to winning ways after a poor performance last weekend, and no better place to do that than at good old Queenstown Secondary. Its normally always scorching hot when we play here, but today in same minute as the ref started the game, the sky fully opened the drains. It was pouring down for the first 15 mins, and The Usual Suspects were better at taking advantage of the resulting random play. So once again we were down 2-0 after 25 mins and could not really complaint about it, as TUS was first on all random balls and put us under pressure. "Luckily" we have been in this situation way too many times and know that we can turn things around if we keep our heads up and keep fighting. So as TUS started to get tired following their high pressure, we gained more and more control of the game and Skov forced one of TUS´ defenders to make an own goal after a great assist from Jonas (left in the picture).
1-2 at halftime.
In start of second half we kept momentum and pushed for the equalizer. Jesper So was allowed to play 20 minutes as striker - wonder how many beers he promised Rafa for that one?? (Or maybe he just promised him free live streams from the guest room at home...).
Nevertheless, So paid off with a nice assist for Thisen´s equalizer after 60 minutes! A goal from Perry and both a clean sheet and an assist from So in the same weekend - what´s next? Maybe a goal from the match reporter?
In the last 20 minutes, we kept pushing for 3 points but with chances in both ends, it could have gone both ways. 2-2 was a fair result.
MOM was our new keeper of the day, Michael Riber (in the picture) who showed great keeper skills until he was unfortunate and sprained his ancle after yet another good clearing of a high cross.
Thanks to the ref, who did very well, and thanks to TUS for a good, competitive game with give and take both ways.

One note to the TUS guy playing with an arm bracelet that ended up sending one of our guys to the A&E to get stitched: If your bracelet is really that important to you that you cannot take if off during a football game then please think a little about safety and respect for everyone, and stay out of the pitch next time instead of trying to hide it!! Luckily our guy only ended up with a few stitches.

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