100 Club

Subscribe now to the Somerset Vikings 100 club. For just £5 a number, you have the opportunity to win

25% of all takings for first place,

15% for second, and

10% for third prize.

With greater chance of winning than the national lottery, you can contribute to the future and growth of Rugby League in Somerset with the bonus of more than trebling your money each month.

So how do you get involved? Simply select how many numbers you would like and complete the form below. Each month first, second and third prize numbers will be drawn by a neutral person and the results displayed on the Somerset Vikings Facebook page and website.

You maybe able to change numbers throughout the season, as long as the numbers are available but remember that the number of tickets is capped at 100 for the near future and it is also first come gets the choice of numbers. When the 100 club is up and running a list of 100 club members will be posted on our website page so you can see which numbers have been taken.


100 Club Joining form