Sat 15
University of Gloucester RL OBs
A slow start

A slow start

By Bob Blainey
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Hard fought. Lessons learnt

University of Gloucester Old Boys v Somerset Vikings

Somerset Vikings travelled to Gloucester on Saturday to take on the new kids University of Gloucester Old Boys. Despite the name the UGOBs were a very youthful team with an experience belying their years.

The first twenty minutes were dominated by UGOBs. From the kick of Vikings were back footed by a long spot kick that was fumbled in the dead ball area resulting in a goal line drop up for Vikings. This was soon followed by another when UGOBs pushed their full set of tackles and hit Vikings in the dead ball area again for yet another goal line drop out.

The onslaught carried on with UGOBs scoring 2 tries in quick succession. Both being converted by Fiach Millward. 12 nil to UGOBs

When on the attack Somerset Vikings showed some impressive moves especially when player coach Dan Brooker steamrolled his way through with ball in hand. And indeed he was the first of the Vikings to score an unconverted try at the 13 minute mark.

UGOBs fought back and scored twice again with Millward once more putting the ball between the uprights. 24 – 4 to UGOBs.

The second Vikings try was score by Marcus Brooker who proved a play maker all through the game.

UGBOBs scored again leading up to Half time and the score was 24 – 8 at the whistle.

The second half was a different matter with Dan Hinton taking the ball over twice bookmarking a Will Tobin try. Cam Hellier converted two of the three trys. UGOBs scored once in the second half that saw Vikings dominate the game and showing the skills and determination that made them the West of England champions. There was a slight stop of the clock when a melee broke out between the two team after Dean Brooker (the 3rd of the three brothers playing) took umbrage to being elbowed on the head after being tackled.

Full time University of Gloucester Old Boys 30 – 24 Somerset Vikings.

The Aspen Waite sponsored Somerset Vikings will be at home on the 22nd to take on All Golds A

Kick off 2:30 PM at Hornets RFC

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Sat 15, May 2021