Ladies pre-season fitness

Ladies pre-season fitness

By Kristin Cooper
12th July
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The moment you've all been waiting for!

We know that this is THE info you have all been waiting for… yes, PRE-SEASON FITNESS is finally here!!

Please make every effort to come along to as many sessions as possible. We promise that these sessions will help you to get fit for the start of the season and will also involve some FUN exercises. Just in case you need any more persuading to come along: exercising with your hockey mates is surely more fun than doing a lonely gym class?!

Sooo, the details are as follows:

Every Wednesday evening from 17th July onwards, we will meet at 7.25pm outside the entrance to our hockey pitch (ie on the grassy area by the trees / in front of the lockup).

7.30pm: We will start promptly.

8.30pm: People who would like to finish may do so and should cool down together. (However, those who would like to give the 1st team a go next season will be expected to continue with the session.)

9pm: Official finish for everyone else.

£1 per person per session (so much cheaper than a gym class too!) and remember to bring plenty of water!

The sessions are open to the whole club and we encourage everyone to come. The exercises will be set in a way that the fitter players amongst us will be properly challenged and pushed to their limits but at the same time, they will allow the less fit players to do everything at their own pace and not feel too pressured by the other ladies in the group! No matter how slowly you may run or how often you may want to pause, by turning up and giving your best you will still do more than by staying at home ?

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a shout.

Chrissi & Harri

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