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The Rules of Tippit
'A simple game really, even Pete Burnell can play it'
1) Teams to be of at least 2 players, usually 3. But 7 a-side is a good laugh.
2) The 'piece' should be a sixpence, but a 5p coin is OK.
3) Each team will sit either side of a table, make sure that you have no spies behind you. Decide what the losing forfeit is to be, it is usually a drink, but could be the loser run round the pitch naked.
4) Each team shall select a 'worker', who is effectively team captain and will 'work the piece' along the table.
5) One worker will toss the coin and the other worker will call, remember 'tails never fails'.
6) The winning team will take the 'piece' and the worker will hold it between thumb and forefinger. The other teammembers will place their hands together below the table along with the workers other hand. The hands do not have to be side by side (but this is recommended). They can be crossed, interlaced or on top of each other.
7) When the hands are settled (and the team has got it's thumbs out of the way - Manny), the worker will tap the coin at least 3 times on the table. This is to signify that he has the coin before he starts working and has NOT left it on his knee before the work (Sparky).
8) After the tap the worker will lower the coin (still held between thumb and forefinger) below the table edge, leaving his remaining three fingers on the table.
9) The work will consist of one sweep and back, above the hands under the table.

If working from the middle - one sweep out to left, back to right and back to middle.

If working from the the end - one sweep out to end of hands and back to other end.

During the work:-

The worker will drop the coin in one of the hands


If he is greedy bastard (Woody) NOT drop it and keep coin in his working hand (the worker).

If the 'piece' is dropped to the floor during the 'work', it immediatley goes to other side, no if's, buts or excuses (Rossy).
10) Once the work is complete, the worker will signal and the whole working team will close there hands under the table and bring them up. The worker will close his working hand (still leaving three fingers on the table or in view at all times until closed) and place it with the other hands, the working team must at all times keep their closed hands in view.
At this point it is usual (but it can be at any time) for the working team to ask the non-working team 'whose go it is' to chose. The non-working 'has got to' answer truthfully.
11) Once the hands are in view the no-working team will try use their skill to guess in which hand the coin lies. The first one to try will be worker and the next try will be to the left of the worker and the next try to the left of him, so on until it is the worker go again to chose.
12) There are two methods used to find the coin :-

a) By a process of elimination removing each of the hand on the table, one at a time or in groups.

b) The 'straight fetch' where the chosen hand is selected straight away.

If method a) is used the the choser will indicate verbally such as 'Russ' winger off' or 'Pete watch hand off' or by pointing (but not touching) at the hand to be removed, and saying 'off'.
The hand then has to be opened before it is taken away from the table (to show that it is empty), or if it contains the coin the working team has gained a point.
The choser can continue removing hands until only one is left and the piece passes to non-working team, or choose to tip the piece at any time by saying 'tippit' and touching the hand in which he thinks the piece is.
If method b) the 'straight fetch' is used, the choser will only touch a hand and say 'tippit', if he is correct and the coin is found a 'straight fetch' will gain his team 2 points.
When 'tippit' is called the touched hand must be opened 'on the table', and
- if it contains the piece, the piece passes to the choosing team and they become the working team (no points, just the piece).
- if it does NOT contain the piece, the other teammembers of the working team with closed hands still on the table MUST open them to show that one of them contains the piece and the other hands are empty (and it is NOT on somebodies knee or that there are two pieces in play - Sparky and Dave Hazelwood).
If the piece is not found the by a 'tippit', the team working gains a point.
If the working team removes a hand or 'tips a hand' (shows the piece) in response to a non-working team member, when it his NOT his go to chose, thats his own bloody fault and if he was not sure he should have asked before removing or opening his hand. If the hand contains the piece it passes to the non-working team, if it does not contain the piece the non-working team has gained and got one hand off the table.
13) The game continues until one team gets to ten points. The other team then has one more chance to get the coin back with a blowthrough. For the blowthrough the worker puts one fist on top of the other and then piece in his mouth, he lowers his mouth on top of the higher fist, and then lets the piece drop into the top fist. The worker then swap fists three times and puts both fists down on the table. The other team vote for which hand the piece is in, and the worker selects it by touching it.
If he is wrong, the game is over and his team is lost, and it is all his fault for bad working (check that the coin is the other hand and not in the workers mouth - Jimmy Angove).
If he is right the piece is regained, but the team at 10 only has to
get it back to win the game.
14) If the other team get to 10, they also have to do a blowthrough, with the game decided on the outcome.
See it is a simple game!

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