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Cash Conversion Lottery


Welcome to the Cash Conversion Monthly Lottery helping to keep the Spitfires up and running..

With running costs for clubs now at an all time high extra funding is vital to the continuation and growth of the sport in the area for over 35s and juniors.

A record number of people are now playing rugby league in the region which is an amazing achievement, but more needs to be done to generate income and keep the numerous teams and projects going.

Money raised by Cash Conversion membership is used to benefit the club and help delivery Junior Rugby and also rugby for the older players who have turned 35.

Membership of Cash Conversion is just £5 per month paid via our online payments page.[/right]

Approximately 60% of funds go towards the development of rugby league, the remaining 40% is given out in prizes.

The more members the bigger the prizes:

Example based on 50 members*

50 Members = £150 to the develpoment fund / £100 paid out in prizes

1st Prize: £50
2nd Prize: £25
3rd Prize: £25
4th Prize: Free extra entry next month
5th Prize: Free extra entry next month

*The above is an example only.

Winners are drawn monthly and announced via the Southampton Spitfires website, the facebook groups and our main Facebook page.

Membership is open to persons aged 18+ only.