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12. Hampshire 'Meerkats' RLFC

Hampshire County Rugby League

Hampshire Meerkats are made up of the best players selected from the leading clubs in Hampshire.

The squad competes yearly at the Southern Counties Championships against Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Devon and Somerset. Hampshire won the inaugural championships in 2011 and retained the trophy the following year, winning all their games in both tournaments.

The name Meerkats was chosen by the 2012 squad after retaining their title. When told that Meerkets don't come from Hampshire, one player remarked: "yes they do, there's loads at Marwell Zoo!"., ...Meerkats it is then!

The Hampshire squad show off the 2012 Southern Counties Trophy

Player's who have reresented Hampshire Meerkats County RL

Hampshire 'Meerkats' County RLFC
2012Glenn TyremanSouthamptonCoach
Paul ConnorPortsmouthProp
Omeed MatiSiPortsmouthProp
Wes DuganPortsmouthLoose
Gareth JonesPortsmouthWing
Andrew TaylorSouthamptonSecond Row
Micheal McneishSouthamptonProp
Mark AmeySouthamptonProp
Steve EatonSouthamptonSecond Row
Rich HillSouthamptonCentre
Oli JohnsonSouthamptonCentre
Phil KingsmanSouthampton
Owain BaxterSouthamptonSecond Row
Dane SmallbonePortsmouthStand off
Lee NormanPortsmouthFull Back
Jordan HumphriesPortsmouthWing
Ryan BatemanPortsmouthCentre
Alex HeronPortsmouthWing
Andy HogginsSouthamptonCentre
Laurence WarrenSouthamptonCentre
Mike ThomasSouthamptonStand off
2011Glenn TyremanSouthamptonCoach
Tom BarnesSouthamptonWing
Marcus CoffinSouthampton Prop
Mike CroninSouthampton Centre
Mark AmeySouthampton Prop
Dave StrangeSouthampton Centre
Kevin CantSouthampton Hooker
Tom PerrinSouthampton Scrum Half
Georges BarthonneauSouthampton Wing
Gavin PollockSouthampton Prop
Laurence Warren-WestSouthampton Centre
Micheal McneishSouthampton Prop
Steve ColleySouthampton Centre
Alex CookeSouthampton Prop
George ThropySouthampton Wing
Oli JohnsonSouthampton Centre
James HarvieSouthampton Hooker
Rich O DonnelSouthampton Full Back
Will FullerSouthampton Centre
Grant MorrisSouthampton

2012 Table & Results


Devon 6 - 0 Wiltshire
Hampshire 12 - 8 Somerset
Gloscestershire 10 - 4 Wiltshire
Hampshire 12 - 4 Devon
Gloscestershire 12 - 10 Somerset
Hampshire 32 - 4 Wiltshire
Gloscestershire 20 - 4 Devon
Somerset 28 - 4 Wiltshire
Hampshire 14 - 0 Gloscestershire
Somerset 12 - 0 Devon

The 'Meerkats' show their delight at retaining the trophy!

2011 Table & Results


Gloucestershire 08-14 Devon
Hampshire 16-04 Wiltshire
Gloucestershire 10-10 Somerset
Wiltshire 10-22 Devon
Hampshire 32-00 Somerset
Wiltshire 16-16 Gloucestershire
Hampshire 18-12 Devon
Wiltshire 12-20 Somerset
Somerset 14-28 Devon
Hampshire 28-04 Gloucestershire