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3. Representative Honours

Stepping up!

The club has a proud history of producing representative players from county level through to student and even amateur internationals.

Until 2012 we hadn't had any of our players sign professional forms but one or two had come very close. Most notably Oliver Johnson, who had an extended run in the Super League under 20's competition with Harlequins RLFC (now London Broncos) and although he wasn't offered terms with the Super League side Championship 1 club London Skolars did offer a contract but the terms weren't enough to prize the player from his day job. Also in 2012 Andrew Hoggins had been offered terms by North Wales Crusaders but declined due to the travelling involved.

Then in November 2012 both players attended trials at newely formed Championship 1 side Oxford RLFC and were offered terms, signing professional forms a couple of weeks before the official press release came out announcing Southampton Spitfires first ever players to make the step up to 'the big leagues'.

The following lists are updated annually.

Playing Honours

Hannah Bradley - Great Britain Teachers Masters (2014)
Holly Myers - England World Cup Squad (2013)
Oliver Johnson - England Community Lions (2012)
Andrew Hoggins - Germany (2012)
Oliver Johnson - England Lionhearts (2011)
Louisa Gallimore -England Students (2011)
Holly Myers - England Students (2011)
Dave Linton - Scotland A (2010)
Dave Linton - Scotland Bravehearts (2010)
Scott Hancock - England Students (2009)
Scott Hancock - England Lionhearts (2008)
Tommy Gray - England Lionhearts (2008/2009)
Adam Sanders - England Lionhearts (2008)

Coaching Honours

Glenn Tyreman -England Lionhearts (2002/2011)

Trials & Appearances with Professional Clubs

Kris Ford - Oxford RL (2016) Signed Professional
Errol Carter - Oxford RL (2016) Signed Professional
Andy Hoggins - Oxford RL (2013/2014)Signed Professional
Oliver Johnson - Oxford RL (2013)Signed Professional
Laurence Warren-West - London Broncos Under 18s (2011)
Oliver Johnson - London Broncos Under 20s (2011)
Andy Hoggins - South Wales Scorpions Trialist (2010)
Tommy Gray - London Broncos Under 20s Trialist (2009)

Regional Representative Honours

Rich O Donnell - West of England Lionhearts Irealand Tour (2017)
Mike McGrath - West of England Lionhearts Ireland Tour (2017)
Oliver Johnson - South East (2011)
Mark Amey - South East (2011)
James Bovett - South East (2011)
Kevin Cant - South East (2011)
Andy Hoggins - South East (2011)
James Calland - South East (2010)
Kevin Cant - South of England (2009)
Dave Strange - South of England (2009)
Tommy Gray - South of England (2009)
Tommy Gray - South of England Students (2009)
Scott Hancock - South of England (2009)
Scott Hancock - South of England Students (2008)
Andy Dymott - South East (2009)
Marcus Coffin - South East (2009)
Aaron Nelson - South East (2009)
Adam Grogan - South East (2009)
Adam Sanders - South East (2009)

Regional Coaching Honours

Glenn Tyreman - South of England (2004-2007)
Glenn Tyreman - South East (2002-2004)
Glenn Tyreman - South West (2000-2002)