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Mon 26
Masters Touch Rugby
Round 4
A Smith (4), G Tyreman (6), N Miller, P Garrad (2), P Watson (4), R O Donnell (8), S Bingley (7), T Baker (5)
Touch Rugby League Week 4 Round Up

Touch Rugby League Week 4 Round Up

By Glenn Tyreman
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Round 4

Forget Blues v Maroons - we've got Purple v Orange!

This week's Touch Rugby League got serious as Monday evening took on a State of Origin style approach. Usually the teams are mixed every game but this time the players played in the same teams in a best of five series featuring Adie Smith's Purple Bibs against Glenn Tyreman's Orange bibs.

The teams put on a show and 35 tries were scored in total but the Orange bibs claimed the series winning three games compared to the Purple bibs two.


Game 1 - Purple (5) v Orange (2)
Game 2 - Purple (3) v Orange (5)
Game 3 - Purple (1) v Orange (5)
Game 4 - Purple (5) v Orange (1)
Game 5 - Purple (3) v Orange (5)

Game 5 settled this week's series with the purples scoring 2 quick tries from Adie Smith and Tim Baker. The orange responded with a try from Rich O'Donnel and a two quick tries from Glenn Tyreman to take a 3-2 lead. The purples responded with a try from Silas Bingley to level the scores at 3-3.

With fitness taking its toll and defences looking jaded Nigel Miller crossed from 10 meters out to give the oranges a 4-3 lead. The purples then spilled the ball as they went wide looking for an equaliser and the oranges took the ball 20 meters out, almost crossing on the first few tackles but the purple's defence held well until the last tackle when Glenn Tyreman decided to run the ball and used the wet surface to slide in for his hat-trick and series winning try.

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*Masters, men's and women's open age players are exempt from paying touch rugby membership.


Star Players - Purple - Tim Baker was a handful for defences all night

Star Players - Orange - Pete Watson was always available to carry the ball up

TOP Try - Nigel Miller crossing for his first try in Monday Night Touch!

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Mon 26, May 2014