Sat 09
Redbridge & Ilford 2
2nd XI
15 minute goalfest for 2s

15 minute goalfest for 2s

By Kate Keppel
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Report by Michelle Arnold

S&B - 3 (Lily Cole - 2, Charlotte Brooks - 1)
Redbridge and Ilford - 1

On Saturday S&B 2s travelled to London to play Redbridge and Ilford 2s. The first half was very much dominated by S&B, who with some great runs up both wings by Lily Cole on the left and Charlotte Brookes and Chloe King on the right, battered the home defence. The S&B midfield and defence kept the opposition at bay, not really allowing the home team much of an opportunity to attack. The indomitable force of defenders Charley Edwards and Ella White was too much for the home team. Whilst Redbridge did keep trying they were unable to play their own game as S&B were always one step in front. Despite a number of shots on goal, S&B they could not pass the opposition keeper in the first half.

After a half time talk by Captain Lou Marsack who knew her team could beat the home team, S&B came out fighting and after 2 minutes scored the first goal. After a great run up the right wing, passing supremely between them, Chloe King slotted the ball to Charlotte Brookes who from a tight angle at the top of the D, banged the ball into the goal, far too quick for the Redbridge keeper to respond. 1-0. With fire in their bellies, S&B took advantage of being in front, and decided to switch play to the left. Lily Cole who had fought tirelessly the whole game, running up and down the left wing, took advantage of her opponents, ran the wing, and having escaped the home defenders took a shot from the top of the D. The goalie didn’t have time to move, such was the power of the shot, and after 5 minutes S&B were 2-0 up. Redbridge upped their game and made an number of attempts to breach the S&B defence, but they weren’t to be thwarted.

Despite being awarded a penalty corner, the might of Kate Keppel the S&B keeper was too much, as she quickly cleared away any shots fired at her. The ball quickly moved out of the D and to Lily Cole once again, who ran the ball up the pitch as if the ball was stuck like glue to her stick. She dodged several Redbridge players on her run, slotted the ball to Hannah Tooze at the top of the D, who swiftly passed it back to Cole, who banged it into the goal. Amazing play. 3 goals in 15 minutes for the away team. Redbridge then moved things around and began attacking more than before, realising that there wasn’t long to go. S&B kept fighting, hoping to increase the score even more. Redbridge were awarded a penalty corner. Kate Keppel kept out the first shot, but Redbridge and Ilford managed to get a deflection, shooting the ball high into the top of the net. Kate Keppel couldn’t quite reach it and the home team scored. S&B kept fighting, hoping to score again, battling the Redbridge defence, with Lily Cole beating the opposition on the left again, but the whistle blew before she could score again. Player of the match was Lily Cole who didn’t stop running and scored 2 of the most amazing goals the team have scored all season.

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Sat 09, Mar 2019