Meet your Captain

Meet your Captain

By Jack Stapleton
14 August 2017
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That's Big Red to you!

Name: Nicholas Edward Watson
Age: 25
Position: Second Row
Years with the Club: Started in 2011, so this is my seventh season.

My Nickname is... Depends who you ask, most people call me some variation of Nick. Although I have been referred to as Big Red.

Favourite T.V show... Don’t really watch much TV nowadays, although I tend to be a fan of old comedies. Amongst my favourites are Monty Python and Fawlty Towers.

Best thing about being club captain... I see it as an opportunity to help bring the club forward.

First Record ever bought... Don’t think it was the first one I bought, but one of the first records I got into was Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory. One of the albums that got me into Rock/Metal, and still one of my favourites to this day. (R.I.P. Chester!)

Greatest weakness... I find it very difficult to say ‘No’ when someone offers me a drink…

Not a lot of people know this but I'm... 2/32 Welsh (1/32 on each side of the family).

30 second Teammates (we ask him who of his teammates he thinks excel in different areas)
Best Trainer – Shane
Quickest – Jack (he just panics when there’s space in front of him)
Hardman – Sam
Skillful – Peter Perfect
Best Dancer - Peter Curran (dunno if he is, but I imagine it would be funny to watch him try)
Joker – Luke
Longest in the Shower - Luke

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