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Sat 19
Old Grammarians 1XV
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Hard work versus Old Grammarians

Hard work versus Old Grammarians

By Jack Stapleton
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Forwards vs Backs

Old Grammarians vs Southgate – 19th October 2016

There’s no doubt that Southgate RFC is full of characters. For newcomers, meeting these characters and socialising with them could be a daunting prospect – for some, it’s too much, but most embrace it as Brian would a disease ridden cat (or even as the hence tattooed guy from cell block D would Brian). Peter “Big Pete” Curran is no exception: “I love North Korean films!” he declared on the car journey on the way to Saturday’s game. At first, I thought he was joking; the only footage I’ve seen come out of North Korea is that of synchronised marching, a supreme leader riding a horse through majestic plains, or nuclear missiles failing to take off. Then I thought he could mean something pornographic; a dictator exercising his power over some poor disobedient pleb, where the actors’ pubic areas are parted like Kim Jong Un’s hair. Alas no – it turns out Big Pete spent 90 minutes of his life that he won’t get back watching a subtitled film about “the supremacy of Kimchi” (a Korean vegetable dish). It’s still unclear as to whether or not this film was still pornographic, but given that Big Pete put a trailer for a film called “Robogeisha” on the team Whatsapp group, I think we can conclude that it was. Southgate RFC’s group of characters has most certainly been added to.

Nevertheless, we headed 10 minutes up the road to our good friends and bitter rivals Old Grammarians RFC in what was billed to be the “real north London derby” (sorry Arsenal and Spurs). The game started badly for Southgate as G’s scored two early tries in quick succession. Just as the Southgate forwards starting making some progress, one of the G’s lads got a nasty knock requiring an ambulance and the game had to move to a different pitch. Southgate quickly realised that the ball needed to be kept in the forwards in order to be competitive – we dominated every scrum, every maul, every line out, and worked phenomenally hard all over the park. This hard work was rewarded just before half time when we finally got the ball over the try line.

However, for everything our forwards threw at them, their backs more than responded. A few missed tackles led to them scoring more tries in the second half, but as is the Southgate way, we never gave up. Scott stepped into the midfield with Gabriel switching to 7, which sured up the defensive line immensely without sacrificing any of the work that the forwards had put in. We scored two more tries through the forwards, but, as was the case in the first half, their backs broke through and scored with ease. Final score was 44-17. A sad loss considering the immense work of the pack, but definitely one of the strongest team performances of the season.

Some quotes from the game:

“Well done boys; best we have played collectively for weeks. Proud of every one of you.” Sam

“We played excellent in parts, the forwards moves are really coming on, hitting some aggressive, sharp lines. Just need to sort out our defence and we’ll be in good shape” Scott

“I’m getting my contact lenses tomorrow.” Stefan

Like I said, full of characters.

Sam, Jack S, Mike O, Nick, Big Pete, Luke (Ben), Scott, Shane, Dan, Mayo, Jack D, Gabriel, Stefan, Mike K, Phil

Tries: Shane x2, Sam – Conversions: Shane

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Sat 19, Nov 2016




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Old Grammarians 1XV
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