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Sat 26
1st XV
Royston 2XV
Rough loss against Royston

Rough loss against Royston

By Jack Stapleton
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Frankly just not good enough

A short comparison between ourselves and England national side from the weekend. We both finished with 14, we both played at home, we both scored over 20 points and we both kicked off at 2:30pm. Unfortunately, unlike England we didn’t get the win, and losing to a last minute converted try left me bereft of how to best write this week’s match report.

Then being given the duty of filling out the referee’s scorecard, inspired me to have a different take on this week’s game:

1 – Needs Major Improvement
2 – Needs Minor Improvement
3 – Average
4 – Good
5 – Excellent

Pitch Condition5In fantastic condition, but some eejit decided to draw a football pitch on top.
Attacking Intent4Everyone carried the ball well and were looking to take it on except Barry (just kidding).
Defence4Phenomenal tackling from everyone showing that despite it missing in the last few weeks we can make first up tackles.
Open Play3We reacted better but still need to be more pitch aware.
Set Pieces3Scrum was dominant whilst it was contested and Pete was competitive in the lineout. If only the guy throwing in could throw straight.
Handling3Good hands on the day, but still far too many scrums then the forwards want. (Damn backs)
Tackling5As mentioned above in defence, marked improvement from what it has been. With the back three (Brad, Stef & John) putting in massive shifts.
Rucking2Still too nice in around rucks.
Supporters5Always grateful to those who come to support us on a Saturday afternoon especially when there’s better place to be then a cold and windy touchline.
Opposition4Great opposition. But you only get 4 as you stole the win at the death.
Kit Man5So, good is the Kit Man that not only did he provide Southgate shirts but he provided Royston shirts as they’d travelled without theirs.
Food 5Top notch food again. Shame it’s only the second time we’ve been treated to home catering.
Facilities 1‘Frankly just not good enough’ quote and score provided by another source.

Big shout out to those who played, especially John who played for the first time in a year. Always thanks to the supporters and thanks to Royston for playing in the spirit of the game.

Team: Michael, Jack, Stav, Peter, Nick, Shane, Sam, Dan, Barry, Stef, Phil, Gabriel, John and Brad

Scorers: Sam (1T), Nick (1T), Dan (1T), Shane (2C) & Barry (1DG)

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Sat 26, Nov 2016




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Royston 2XV
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