Sat 08
Pinner & G 3
1st XV
Pushing Passed Pinner

Pushing Passed Pinner

By Jack Stapleton
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A good Christmas present.

Team – 1.Obers 2.Bulldog 3.Jack 4.Pete 5.Nick(c) 6.Justin 7.Christos 8.Shane 9.Mark 10.Scrappy 11.Joel 12.Andy 13.Keith 14.Martin 15.Tom 16.Dudley 17.Phillipe 18.Alex

Scorers: Scrappy (3T), Shane (3C), Jack (1T), Martin (1T&1C), Justin (1T) & Andy (1T)

With such a long break since our last league game, we were biting at the bit to take on Pinner as a win would see us top the table heading into Christmas. With the last outing for Southgate being the Legends game ((the Vet's team) as i've been asked to call them) and with the fantastic standard of Rugby that was on display during that game we knew that we'd have to show them we could replicate the effort.

The game kicked-off as the rain started to come down and saw the first ten minutes of proceedings dominated by set piece after set piece, after managing to string a series of passes together we worked our way into the Pinner half through the forwards crashing up and when the space opened up the backs cut through the defensive line setting us on the front foot. It's from these break throughs that we managed to score as quick recycling and the great support running had us leading 17-0 in no time. But as the rain started to ease off Pinner also began to find some form launching there own attack in a similar manner to ours, thankfully our first up tackling proved to be more then capable to repel Pinner. Nethier side finished the half in great fashion as it played out between the two 22's but as we went into the interval we knew there was yet more to come.

Having the kickoff to restart we utilised the opportunity to make the first impression of the half as a fantastic chase saw excellent tackling of catcher and had Pinner back pedling from the off. A series of excellent counter rucking and tackles we turned over possession and managed to score twice further as we pressed further on in the attack. It's here where the Southgate 20 reared it's ugly head, after Pinner had to go uncontested at the scrum we scumbed to our frustration of being able to compete at the set piece (which has been a great strenght of ours in recent years). With this frustration came a sloppiness to our play and Pinner were more then happy to capatilise after a series of knock ons and penalties they broke through and managed to run in a try from the 10 meter line. It took that score to refocus our heads and with that we regained our ruthless streak for the rest of play we did nothing but attack and even when we lost possession on occasion it was no more then a few phases before we gained it back, a final two scores saw us finish the game 43-5.

We thank Pinner for being such good hosts and will see them in the new year but for a least the Christmas and New Year period we are top of the league.

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Match details

Match date

Sat 08, Dec 2018




Merit Table 5 S/W

League position

Pinner & G 3