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Sat 19
Biggleswade 2
1st XV
S Saterlay
Battling Biggleswade

Battling Biggleswade

By Jack Stapleton
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Reporting Progress

After a two weekend break from playing, our Saturday morning started as most of the country’s did watching England down the Aussie’s after seeing them slog it out in Japan we were hoping we could do just as well on our travels to Biggleswade.

And seeing as its half term I thought it’s only fair to give a report card for how this week’s game.

1 – Needs Major Improvement
2 – Needs Minor Improvement
3 – Average
4 – Good
5 – Excellent

Travel3Biggleswade is a lovely area and was nice to get away from the dull grey of London but a trek and a half it was.
Pitch Condition4Lots of grass, clear marked boundaries just a wide and massive pitch. (This reporters only moan)
Attacking Intent5We’ve been waiting for a while to show are ability with ball in hand and didn’t disappoint, but for a few knock-on’s it could’ve been a different result.
Defence4Some better tackling from the lad’s this week as more first up tackles were made. Only a four due to the 3 conceded Try’s.
Open Play4As previously mentioned played well with ball in hand. But some brainless moments when the ball bobbled about.
Set Piece's4Good play a retaining our possession and even stealing some Biggleswade ball. But a dip in intensity appeared for a period in the second half.
Handling3Handling tended to be pretty safe when it came to passing actually, but too many knock-ons when trying to present the ball saw to many scrums on the day.
Tackling4As mentioned previously tackling was good and aggressive but we went too high several times allowing Biggleswade to gain momentum.
Rucking3Good at securing our own ball but far too nice on Biggleswade ball and didn’t ask enough questions.
Supporters5Many thanks to those who came watched on a cold and windy touchline. But even bigger kudos to our loan supporter of the day Tara.
Opposition5Top class opposition who did the little things well, also must be the most well-mannered game I’ve ever played in.
Kit Man4Delivered clean and dry, could do with stacking in order next time.
Food5Always get treated well by the opposition’s kitchen and was no different on this occasion.
Referee5Good Referee allowed the game to play. Don’t think any more needs to be said.

1. Obers 2. Stefan 3. Bulldog 4. Pete 5. Nick 6. Christos 7. Keith 8. Johnny 9. Colin (C) 10. Scrappy 11. Kursar 12. Andy 13. Justin 14. Martin 15. Tom 16. Jack S 17. Gab’s

Scorer’s: Scrappy (1T)

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Sat 19, Oct 2019




Merit Table 4 NE

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Biggleswade 2