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Club Membership
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1. Club Membership

South Leicester Club Membership

In accordance with the clubs Limited Company rules, all players, coaches, officials, parents & supporters need to be PAID UP members to use the facilities of the club. All members will be added to the membership data base.
The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual or group.

All fully paid up playing members and playing associates are covered by the RFU insurance policy relating to Total Permanent Disability and Death whilst partaking in or traveling to and from matches and training sessions. This also extends to any person invited by the club to officiate at club activities covered by such insurance.

The club does not purchase cover for temporary disability or loss of earnings or medical expenses. Members are recommended to make their own arrangements for such cover.
FULL Membership Benefits
Eligible to play for the club and use the facilities
Option to apply for International tickets
Covered to play by RFU insurance cover
Cost reduction on clubroom hire
Full voting rights
To ensure you have your vote in what goes on within the club, you must be a PAID UP 'Full Member' or a Life Member
Full Playing: includes match fees, shorts and socks £150
Students/Colts : includes match fees, shorts and socks £120
Vice President/Full: non playing,voting members £50
Skilled Member: non playing,voting members £40
Social Member: non playing, non voting members £25
Life Members: Donation

(It is an honour to be asked into the position of Vice President of the club. However if you are a V.P and have not paid your subs, or no longer wish to hold the post of V.P or be connected with the club, please inform the club and your name will be removed from the honours List.)

Family 1 (one child under 17 at Sept. 1st) £80*
Family 2 (Two children under 17 at Sept.1st) £120*
Family 3 (Three children under 17 at Sept. 1st) £150*

*An additional £5 is payable for new player registrations at Mini/Junior level.

The Mini/Junior section have set a new pay structure to help parents spread the cost over two months. For those parents who would prefer, we will collect half the payment in September and a posted dated cheque for the other half in October, however the post dated cheque must be handed in with the first half payment so that the Treasurer only has to collect payment on one occasion.
For those parents with three children to pay for, please speak to the Treasurer for payment options available.

Child Protection
In order to meet the RFUs Child Protection standards, we are required to hold the parent or guardians contact details for every mini/junior player


Standing Order Form


Age Grade Disciplinary Procedures