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September News

September News

By Paul Stone
1 September 2013
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This season we move to 12 players in a team. 5 players in the scrum, the children will learn about second row position, 7 players will play in the backs - a full back has been introduced. Essentially the rules remain the same as 15 aside apart from scrums, they can only push for 1.5m and there is still no hand offs.
This year Kicking from Hand will be introduced. This means players may kick to touch and take conversions. They are not permitted to hack it on the floor! The usual rules apply if out of the 22 and the ball goes straight into touch they take a lineout where it was kicked, if the ball bounces into touch then it is taken from that point.
Pitch Size: This has more than doubled this season and the team will be playing on half a pitch and will be playing for longer 20 minutes each way.
The summer Wednesday training sessions have been a huge success! Thank you to all those players who have attended, I know many of you have had prior commitments but we will continue to run a Wednesday night training session throughout the session. There is a lot to learn this session with the introduction of new positions, new rules and a larger pitch. Therefore their fitness levels will need to increase to cope with the increasing demands of the game and to deal with the demands of our opposition. Our two main weaknesses are that we are a small side and sometimes lack the pace of other teams. We beat other teams by being more determined, fitter and stronger than others. It would really help the coaches if players could attend on time as often the first things we do set the tone for the session. We will also be training with the U12 on Wednesdays and Sundays. Eventually we will be one team and it’s important that we support this team to make sure it remains for the future.

Fitness: We have decided to do very simple fitness testing this year to allow players to compare their scores again their previous achievements. The core tests will be 1min Press up and Sit up challenges and a bleep test to test endurance. Paul will be keeping a record of scores and averages.
Training Times summary
Wednesday: session starts at 7*-8pm (this will change to 6:30-7:30pm at the end of Sept as light changes)
Sunday; Session starts at 10-11:30am (there will be some weeks where we will need to train earlier due to lack of space at South

Taking Responsibility:
This year we will be asking players to prepare the water bottles and write match/ training reports each week. At the end of each session the coaches will draw names from a hat for a player to take the water bottles home wash them, fill them and bring them back to the next session. Another name will be drawn for training/match reporter to write half page summary to post of the website which should be emailed to If the player is unable to attend the next session the name will be redrawn.
This year we are unlikely to be able to field two teams due to the size of the teams required. This will have implications for the county cup squad nomination where we will be only be able to nominate 17 players out of our 22 player squad. We will let you know who has been selected the week before and as we have before it will be selected on competitive ability and commitment of the players. Next week I will have a confirmed sheet of fixtures which I will share with you but our first match is not till first Sunday in October.
Tour: Minehead “The Quest for Gold” 2nd -5th May (Monday is Bank Holiday)
Our last two tours have been an incredible experience and have really helped to bond the team. We hope that this year all players will attend we are letting you know early to allow financial planning and costume planning (Update from Rob to follow). We will need a £30 per person deposit by 30th September the trip is likely to cost around £270* per person this will depend on how many people go and what transport we arrange.

Christmas Do:
We are going to arrange team bowling event on Sunday 22nd Dec at Hollywood bowl. A sign up form will be shared next Sunday. This event will be open to all the family and will involve bowling competitions and boobie prizes.

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