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S&B Fab Fours 1 of 4

1. Fab Fours Rules - 2019

The rules for 2019 are as follows.

Playing points can only be scored in competitive senior games.

  • 1st XI league, ECB T20, Liverpool Echo T20, and Ray Digman Trophy
  • 2nd XI league, T20 and Chester Cup
  • 3rd XI league, T20 and Embee Trophy

Teams can score double points for one week by playing their Joker. To do this, the team owner should let a member of the organising committee (see below) know, NO LATER THAN THE SATURDAY NIGHT of the preceding week.

All scoring weeks are from Monday to Sunday.

Point Scoring Details

All playing points will be awarded based on Play-Cricket records. Appeals should be made to the organising committee.


  • 1 point per run
  • 50 point bonus for 50 runs (for example, if you score 76 you get 126 points)
  • 100 point bonus for 100 (for example, if you score 114 you get 214 points)


  • 10 points per wicket, regardless of dismissal type
  • 50 point bonus for 5 wickets (for example, if you get 6 wickets you get 110 points)
  • 100 point bonus for 7 wickets (for example, if you get 8 wickets you get 180 points)


  • 5 points for a catch
  • 10 points for a stumping
  • 10 points for a run out (as recorded on Play-Cricket - be nice to your scorer!

Other Points Scoring

  • Attending training – 25 points
  • Attending fundraising or other specified events - 25 points
  • Assisting junior training – 25 points

The Organising Committee

Andrew Carney
Chris Firth
Alan Green
Isaac Lea