Thew club is now in it's third season of it Southport and Formby Emerging Schools (SAFES) programme.

This was set up to encourage non rugby playing schools to participate in the sport with the support and backing of the rugby club and provide a framework for them to compete with each other.

The following events will take place at the club as part of the 2018 programme.

Wednesday 21st March, 3.30 pm. Yr 5 TAG Festival, Christ the King Hub, Primary Schools.

Monday 16th April, 4.15 pm. Yr 7/8 Schools Rugby Festival

Monday 30th April, 4.15 pm. Yr9/10 Schools Rugby Festival

Wednesday 16th May, 3.30 pm Yr 3 TAG Festival, Christ the King Hub Primary Schools

The clubhouse will be open for tea and coffee and parents are invited to have a look around at the top class facilities.