Communications Officer

Communications Officer

By John Kenny
23rd June
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New role at the club ... are you interested?

The club has created a new role and is looking to appoint a Marketing and Communications Officer. Anyone interested in volunteering for this position should contact Club Chairman John Vandermeer

Details of the role are as follows

Role Description: Marketing & Communications Officer
Reports to: Chair of Rugby Club

Purpose of the Role
• To manage all marketing, advertising and publicity for the sports club
• To ensure effective and regular communications with Rugby Club members

Main responsibilities Marketing, advertising and publicity:
• Produce an annual plan and budget for marketing the club in the local area to attract members, sponsors and to promote facilities hire
• Set and manage the Club’s marketing budget – in liaison with the Board
• Oversee the implementation of the marketing plan
• Support sections with open days and other initiatives aiming to attract new members
• Ensure regular social media postings and press releases to raise the profile of the club externally Design and Production:
• Ensure that all marketing materials adhere to the Sports Club design guidelines – acting as advisor to those within the sections on all design issues
• Manage the production of materials – signage, posters, leaflets etc
• Ensure good procurement practice in relation to marketing costs, getting quotes for all projects costing over £100 and utilising free facilities wherever possible
• In relation to the above – establish a network of marketing-related professionals within the club’s membership who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise
• Manage the Club’s website and social media accounts

Communications with members:
• Issue regular e-bulletins to club members – minimum monthly but more frequently if required
• Bulletins should include any items identified for reporting at the Club board meetings
•Liaise with sections to ensure that key Club news features in the bulletins
• Assist the Social Secretary (Sue) to publicise social events
• Oversee the regular updating of the news and events sections of the Club’s website
The above responsibilities could be undertaken by one individual committee member or be split across roles – ensuring lines of communication are clarified.

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