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Southsea Nomads RFC, Langstone Campus, Furze Lane, Southsea, Hampshire, PO4 8LN
The name of the club shall be:
SOUTHSEA NOMADS RUGBY UNION FOOTBALL CLUB (hereinafter referred to as the “club”)
The aims of the club shall be to:
• Provide a club ground situated at Langstone Campus playing fields,
• Provide facilities for and to promote the playing of the game of Rugby Union Football within the local Community for adult men
• Develop teams at adult level,
• Provide sufficient rugby pitches and training areas maintained to a good standard at all times
• Provide a clubhouse premises to include clubroom, bar, toilet facilities, players and referees changing accommodation with shower/washroom facilities, storage for club equipment and stock,
• Provide a designated car parking area,
• Play at the highest possible level whilst maintaining the integrity of the club,
• Give every player the best coaching available and to encourage all players to reach their full potential,
• Organise recreational and social events for the benefit of it‟s members,
• Ensure a duty of care to all members of the club, foster the best possible relations, at all times, with other clubs, all members of the general public and any other interested parties,
• Ensure that affiliation is maintained to appropriate bodies in pursuance of the club‟s aims, including to the:
• Rugby Football Union (RFU),
• Hampshire Rugby Football Union (Hampshire RFU),
• Hampshire Society of Rugby Union Referees,
• Provide any other necessities for the efficient running of the club.
The club does not own playing / training facilities, changing accommodation or a club house. The club works in partnership with the local service providers to ensure this is met through the following:
 Playing, training ground facilities, changing accommodation, and free car parking are met through the University of Portsmouth, Langstone Campus.
 Clubhouse, currently these facilities are met through the use of The Old House at Home, Locksway Road, who provide all amenities required in the club aims.
 The club has two designated coaches, who continue to deliver effective coaching, that ensures the club plays at the highest level, and players reach their full potential.
 The club organises regular social events, through the club social committee
 The club plays an active role in the community through, and has developed some key links with the University of Portsmouth, and local businesses. There is a continued focus to raise the clubs profile in the community through advertisement, and the local media. The clubs role in the community is seen as pivotal, and is monitored at the club committee.
The club colours shall be black, and red.
Each applicant for club membership shall communicate his/her full name, address to the club Honorary Secretary in writing.
Each application shall then be considered by the club Executive Committee, and approval shall be at that Committee‟s sole discretion.
Membership of the club will be open to anyone, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities may occur on a non-discriminatory basis.
The club shall have different classes of membership and subscription on a non-discriminatory and fair basis. The club shall aim to keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participating.
Description of Members
Membership of the club shall be for a period of one year – renewable annually on the first day of September. Membership categories shall be as follows:
• Full Playing Members
• Unemployed Playing Members
• Student Playing Members,
• Social Members,
Full Playing Members, Unemployed Playing Members, and Full Non-playing Members, Student Playing Members, Social Members shall have the right to cast one vote at all General Meetings.
Termination of Membership
The club Executive Committee shall be empowered to expel, suspend for a specified period, or refuse the annual renewal of membership of any club member who offends against the Constitution of the club or whose conduct (in the opinion of the Executive Committee) shall render him/her unfit to continue in
membership of the club.
The following actions shall take place before such termination of membership is effective. The Honorary Secretary shall give the member seven days written notice to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee, at the same time informing the member of the complaint made against him/her. No termination of membership shall be valid without the member‟s opportunity to appear before the Executive Committee.
Any member shall cease to be a member of the club whenever a minimum of two-thirds of the Executive Committee members attending that hearing shall so decide.
There will be a right of appeal following any disciplinary action. The appeal must be made within 7 days of any disciplinary judgment and the Club Executive Committee should consider any appeal within 14 days of it being lodged.
On commencement of membership, and then annually at the start of each season, every member shall pay to the Honorary Treasurer the appropriate annual subscription as follows:
a) Subscription rates
The following shall pay subscriptions at the rate prescribed by the previous Annual General meeting
(AGM) (or a Financial General Meeting (FGM) held shortly after the previous AGM):
i) Full Playing Members,
ii) Unemployed Playing members
iii)Full Non-playing Members,
iv) Student Playing Members,
v) Social Members,
b) When due
All annual subscriptions and donations shall be due on the first day of September every year.
c) Arrears
On the thirtieth day of September every year all members who have failed to pay the appropriate annual subscription shall be deemed to be in arrears.
The Honorary Secretary shall then deliver written notice immediately to any such member, allowing seven days in which to pay the outstanding subscription.
Failure to do so entitles the club Executive Committee to terminate the offender‟s membership after a further short period of “grace”, not exceeding twenty one days, has elapsed. The Committee may also decide to make additional levies on match fees, if the offender is a player, in an attempt to recover the debt.
Any members being in arrears with their fees for more than one season shall definitely cease to be a member of the club.
d) Members Privileges
In addition to enjoying all the benefits and amenities which the club shall offer, all club members, shall have one vote to be cast at any General meeting of the club.
The Administration of the club and its affairs shall be entrusted to the club Executive Committee, supported by a number of subsidiary committees (see below).
The club Executive Committee shall consist of the following members:
• Chairman of the Club,
• Honorary Secretary,
• Honorary Treasurer.
(Other club officials may be co-opted depending on the business to be discussed by the club Executive
Committee (business which will include major matters brought to the attention of the club Executive
Committee by the club General Committee)
The club Executive Committee shall meet at least monthly.
The club General Committee, shall meet monthly reporting directly to the club Executive Committee, it shall consist of the members of the club Executive Committee, plus the following other club officials:
• Captain of the Club,
• Student Representative,
• Honorary Match and Fixture Secretary,
• Honorary Team Secretary,
• Club Coach (appointed),
• Club Social, and Fundraising Secretary,
• Club Entertainment Officer,
The club General Committee committees shall prior to the completion of the overall club budget for a coming financial year submit their budget proposals for approval by the club Executive Committee. Each of these committees shall also provide the club Executive Committee with monthly reports of activities, and quarterly and annual reports on financial performance against approved budget (the format to be determined by the club Honorary Treasurer.
Period of Office
Members of the club Executive Committee and the club General Committee shall be elected at every AGM, and their period of office shall be for one year until the following AGM.
Committee Vacancies
Should any of the club Executive Committee and General Committee membership posts become vacant at any time, the club Executive Committee shall be empowered to fill that vacancy and the newly appointed.
Committee member shall continue in office until the following AGM, and then be eligible for re-election.
The club Executive Committee, and club General Committee shall meet on the first Monday, of each month and at other such times as they shall decide.
Committee Quorums
For the club Executive Committee the presence of two Committee Members at a meeting shall constitute a “quorum”. For the club General Committee the presence of five Committee Members at a meeting shall
constitute a “quorum”.
“Chairing” Meetings
The Chairman of the club shall preside over all meetings of the club Executive Committee and the club General Committee. In his absence the Honorary Secretary, or the Honorary Treasurer shall preside. In his absence then a member will be chosen by those present to act as chairman of the meeting, and the rule in the event of any votes “for” and “against” being equal, as described in „Committee Quorums‟ above, shall apply.
The club Executive Committee shall exercise the widest powers to control the efficient running of the club‟s affairs. These powers shall include:
• The authority to co-opt members to club Executive Committee and club General Committee duties,
• Expulsion or suspension of members,
• Convene General Meetings at any time,
• Create other subsidiary committees to undertake special tasks, responsibilities over the Clubs finances.
Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the club shall be held during the month of June every year and at that meeting the following business shall be transacted:
• Approval of the minutes of the previous AGM,
• Appointment of President and Honorary Members,
• Election of Chairman,
• Election of other members of the club Executive Committee,
• Election of other members of the club General Committee,
• Presentation of statement of the club‟s accounts for the current financial year, properly signed and audited for approval, and presentation of the budget for the following season. (Accounts and budgets must be presented in the formats and under the headings and sub-headings as agreed by the club Executive Committee. If audited and signed accounts and/or the budget for the upcoming year are not
ready at the commencement of AGM then a FGM shall be arranged for members to attend and this is to be no later than the beginning of September (following the AGM),
• Confirmation of the annual subscriptions for all categories of member, and the match fees for all categories of playing member, that shall be applicable for the forthcoming season (unless to be dealt with at an FGM to be no later than the beginning of September (following the AGM),
• Consideration of any other business, the content of which shall have been forwarded in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.
Members seeking election to the club Committee posts shall ensure that their nomination, duly proposed and seconded in writing, shall have been received by the Hon. Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the AGM. A request for nominations shall be posted on the club notice board, at least one month prior to the AGM.
Extraordinary General Meetings
Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) may be held at any time as requested by the Chairman of the club, or written notice from one fifth (or thirty members if less) of the total club voting membership requiring such a meeting – in both cases the meeting shall be convened by the Hon. Secretary within twenty one days of such request or notice.
The purpose of the meeting and its agenda shall be stated in order the all club members can be advised in writing seven days before such a meeting specifying the venue, time and business to be transacted.
General Meeting Quorums
At all General meetings of the club, a quorum shall be formed by the presence of one fifth of the total club voting membership.
Application of Profit
No money or property of the club or any gain arising from the carrying on of the club shall be applied otherwise than for the benefit of the club as a whole or for some charitable or benevolent purpose or purposes decided by resolution of a General Meeting of the club.
Control of Club Funds
Control over the Club funds shall be exercised by the club Executive Committee.
Responsibilities shall include the oversight of administration of the Club‟s banking accounts. The Honorary Treasurer shall present monthly statements of activities, and quarterly and annual statements of accounts for review at the appropriate club Executive Committee meetings along with all other aspects of accounts and progress against budgets.
Borrowing Powers
The club Executive Committee shall have power to borrow money for the purposes of the club, upon such terms as it shall think fit, and may appoint any of its members to give such security as shall be specified in the resolution and to enter into such agreements as shall be necessary in relation thereto.
Full accounts of the financial affairs of the club, duly audited by the auditors, and the budget for the following year, shall if at all possible be made available to every club member prior to the convening of, and at, the AGM of the club. If the audited accounts, and/or the budget for the following year, are not available at the AGM then they are to be made available to every club member prior to or at a Financial General Meeting to be held by the beginning of September (following the AGM).
Accounts (and budgets) shall be presented in the format and under the headings promulgated by the Honorary Treasurer.
The selection of teams shall be the sole function of a selection committee which shall consist of:
• Chairman of the Club (or nominee),
• Club Coach,
• Club Captain,
The selection of each team shall be the responsibility of the Chairman of the Club (or nominee), Club Coach, Club Captain or Vice Captain or the Playing Captain of the team concerned.
All members of the club are expected to play, or support the playing of, the game of rugby football in accordance with the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play.
In particular, members should ensure that in their playing of the game, and also in their general behaviour, they at no time indulge in actions which could blemish the good name of the club or bring the reputation of the game into disrepute, including: insulting opponents; making offensive remarks or gestures to the referee/touch judges or opposition supporters; deliberately feigning injury; taking property belonging to opponents or their club; publicly criticising the referee; playing under the influence of excessive alcohol or the influence of drugs; making racist or sexist remarks; or behaving in any way likely to cause offence.
Members should understand that the club could be held responsible/answerable to the RFU and/or the Hampshire RFU for the actions of its members in respect of any misconduct. The club will discourage from selection any player who repeatedly infringes this code, and in respect of any such player or member may hold an inquiry into alleged breach and suspend or expel from membership any serious offender.
Any action taken by the club in respect of the above shall be without prejudice to any sanctions imposed on the club or any of its members by the disciplinary sub-committee of the RFU and/or the Hampshire RFU.
The club Executive Committee shall have power to make byelaws for regulating the conduct and affairs of the club provided the same are not inconsistent with the rules set out in this club Constitution. Such byelaws shall be posted in some conspicuous part of the club premises and shall be binding on all members.
This Constitution shall be prominently displayed in the clubhouse, and individual members may receive their own copy if requested. No alteration, additions to or deletions from this Constitution shall be made except by a resolution carried by a majority of the members present at a club Executive Committee meeting. Members of the club with voting rights can propose changes to this Constitution; proposed changes shall be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary.
The Honorary Secretary shall, as soon as possible and in any case within twenty eight days of the making of any alteration or addition to, and/or deletion from, this Constitution, give written notice of such alteration, addition and/or deletion from this Constitution to the Chief Officer of Police and to the Clerk of the Local Authority of the district in which the club is situated.
Upon dissolution of the club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred as decided by the club Executive Committee. This may, at the club Executive Committee‟s discretion, be to another registered community amateur sports club, a registered charity or the RFU.
The club is committed to the principles and practices of data protection as laid out in the Data Protection Act 1998, subordinate and related legislation and codes of practice and other official guidance. This policy will be achieved through appropriate management, and the strict application of criteria and controls. All persons having access to any personal material will follow good data protection
practice and must handle personal data responsibly.
This document was last updated on 11 November 2009.

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